Friday, September 18, 2015

>>>>'68 mfc 3-D Tommy Davis Plus

I didn't think I'd find a good photo of Tommy Davis batting to use but I did. There was a very suitable one in an old Mets yearbook (thank you again Wayne). I have to wonder if these photos were taken close to the same time by the same person. They very well could be.

It's close to the original pose and makes a nice improvement on the 68t 3-D card. I guess it was the lighting that made Topps go in and re-draw Tommy's face. 
Since that was not released as such, I figure Topps would have gone back in and tried to improve the initial work that makes him look like he's wearing a mask or something. But who knows with Topps. They did some wacky stuff back in the day.

Topps also inserted a generic background, one they used for a number of the '68t 3-D cards.

 You can see it's a Mets home uniform but that certainly is not Shea in the background. The same background was used as the Dodgers home field. 
So of course I'm going to fix that and make it Shea Stadium.

I used an old shot of Amos Otis for the background, using all kinds of tricks to remove Otis and then applied a motion blur side to side to simulate the 3-D card look. 
This is the source photo of Tommy batting. There was not enough existing background to use and that's why I had to use the Otis background. I also had to create extensions to the bat and the unseen part of his hand & bat. 

All together this all equals up to Tommy Davis's mfc 3-D card.


I've tried a little experimentation. Using today's advances in graphics and animation for the home computer I feel like I should be able to expand on what I've done and go a step beyond, making some kind of animated effect that would lend itself to the 3-D look.

.Gif cards are a nice example of going a step beyond reality and more into the realm of fantasy. In real life we had Sportsflicks and that was a form of animation, although it rarely had more than 3 separate images in succession. .Gif cards can go from two to hundreds of images, or in this case, frames. 

So I tried to mix my .gif card making with the blur backed background that simulates the 3-D look. My goal was to blow your socks off with a new kind of 3-D .gif card. Unfortunately you'll have to settle for this not so amazing result. This is close to what I was aiming at. I had hoped just a little bit of movement would enhance the 3-D effect.

But I may be on to something. What I'd like to do is couple the moving background with a moving foreground, say a batter swinging the bat and hitting a ball. Six to twelve frames of the swing should do. The result won't look like a simple .gif because the batter and the background will move independently. I have an idea how this will look but I won't really know until I try it, and I'm sure somewhere down the line I will.


The Magic Number is: 9!

The New York Mets take on the New York Yankees tonight in game one of a three game set. The Yankees are playing for their playoff lives and the Mets are just hoping to stay the course and widen the gap between them and the competition.
These should be some excellent games. 
LETS GO METS!!!!!!!!!!
Lets light up the city in orange and blue.

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  1. Great post.. You're quite the innovator! An inspiration to me, for sure.

    1. As all you other custom card makers are to me. And thank you defgav.