Wednesday, September 9, 2015

>>>>>>Mets @ Nats Game#2

What's going on here is just phenomenal. Another comeback in a series that we just had to win. And we have. 2 of 3 is all I asked. Now go get that sweep!

I'm afraid of becoming numb to this. There was a moment during the game when I felt nothing when I should have felt something. This was in the midst of the comeback, as a Cespedes line drive whipped by third. I was just tuning in to the game, saw how bad it was going for poor Matt Harvey, saw bases loaded...then saw Cespedes rocket the ball into the corner and clear em. 
Matt is less than stellar

I became numb. Like oh, so this is going to be happening all the time...mmkay. And we know how baseball is. This is NOT going to be happening all the time. But what a great time for it to be happening.

I will not let myself become numb to this. As a die hard fan I almost want to avoid the game, not go through what sometimes comes with watching a baseball game that matters. I'll peek in later and see how they're doing. It might have something to do with not believing my own eyes. Because unbelievable things are happening.

But I can't be getting all timid and afraid that this might all fall apart. Sure, it might, but if I worry like that I won't be able to truly enjoy and appreciate what's going on here. I have to watch this. I have to feel this. I should not avoid this. I cannot let myself become numb to this. And how could I? Unbelievable things
are happening.


It's kinda early yet, and there's a lot of baseball to be played, but unbelievable things are happening.


Congratulations Bartolo Colon, N.L. Player Of The Week




I really laughed out loud when Nats manager Matt Williams had Anthony Rendon bunt with a 3-1 count. I didn't even care if we got the lead runner, which Duda did in impressive form. 

To have a hitter the calibre of Rendon bunt on a 3-1 count, down by a run with a man on in the 9th was shocking. I could see if it was a lesser hitter, or a lesser count (he showed bunt the entire at bat). But this was Anthony Rendon. 

When it got to 3-1 I was scared. All hitters know 3-1 is the juiciest count to salivate over as you await that bad pitch that will send you to first, or that good one that's down the middle and you give it everything you got. Because you still have a strike to spare. A 3-1 count is a batters count. If you have a player who can hit as good as Rendon you let him loose there.

I've been following Rendons career and season. I've been putting aside his rookie cards, the ultimate compliment to a player who is not a New York Met. This guy can hit, especially in big spots. There are Met killers waiting to be born everyday and Rendon might well become a future nemesis. I've seen things.

So I was nervous. Rendon swinging at 3-1, we might groove, bongo, second & third. Or worse a two run smack in the head. 

But he wasn't swinging. Manager Matt left the bunt on and I just want to say thank you Matt Williams, for giving us that free out in the 9th with a guy who really could have killed us out there because he's a hitter I fear. Thanks man.

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