Wednesday, September 30, 2015

mfc '72 Boyhood Photos Of The Stars & Stuff

A '72 mfc wax pack can only mean one thing.
'72 mfc cards!

Sometimes you see a photo and right away you know what you want to do with it. When it come's to childhood pictures I always think of Topps 1972 Boyhood Pictures Of The Stars cards. There were three Mets in that side dish.


  The Ultimate Mets Database
created this "Boyhood Photos" card for their Daniel Murphy page.>
What a great photo! Murph hasn't changed a bit. He was always stupid looking. Ha! Kidding Dan. You look incredibly intelligent there, and very proud of your crossing guard badge.


I made a few Boyhood cards for the '72 page and I always intended to make more but I haven't gotten around to it. But, like I said, when I see a picture of a player as a kid, it's usually the first thing that I want to do. I saw this photo of Michael Conforto in today's New York Daily News and right away went for the old '72 mfc folder of card borders.

Yep. Sometimes you find the perfect picture and it dictates what you create. After I started this post I ran into these old/young photos of David Wright and Michael Cuddyer.
Cuddyer was on the Mets!

And sometimes you're making it up as you go along and that makes for a special mfc Season Set card.


Sometimes you find a photo and you save it thinking that someday you'll figure out a way to use it. And so it was with this photo of Bartolo Colon.


Sometimes, in this crazy internet world, you run into a dick-pic and you're like: AHHHH how do I unsee that! But it's too late.


And sometimes you see your little boy grow up to be a fine young man. The biggest and brightest star. And believe it or not, he's more amazin' than the New York Mets.


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Coming up sometime in the future will be player awards for the 2015 season. I'm in the process of taking the pulse of Mets nation to see how others feel and who they support.
I might save this til after the postseason.

Yea, the postseason...

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