Monday, September 28, 2015

mfc CELEBRATES Mets GM Sandy Alderson!!!

Mets have come long way from Panic City thanks to Sandy Alderson


I planned on doing up the Captain next but I've had a change of heart. I read Mike Lupica's column today (linked above) about Sandy Alderson and I thought, he's right. I should have done a salute to Sandy before I started on the team. And Mr. Lupica, you will be missed on the NYDN sports pages.

What can you say about Sandy Alderson?
He said he was out to revive the Mets.
We salute you!

Great job Mr. Sandy Alderson.

Remember this one below?
When this was posted we had just lost Harvey to TJS and Alderson went out and got Curtis Granderson for Christmas. From Colon to Granderson to Cespedes Sandy has carefully built a team that could take us all the way.

David Wright has been bumped for now. 
Next up will be the 2015 mfc Mets Most Valuable Player of the Year. Can you guess who that would be?

There will be a new page of cards covering the Mets clinching game in Cincinnati coming up before the regular seasons end.

Matt Harvey photo by John Sommers II

What's this? Disharmony in Nat land? Awww, what a shame.

Thanks Bryce. You're alright!

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