Thursday, September 24, 2015


This post was postponed from earlier in the week.
Crazy weekend for Mets fans. But hasn't it been a crazy season?
The Mets won the first game of the Subway Series and then dropped the last 2, the final game in controversial fashion.

I'm not going to get all into the Harvey business. Like our skipper says, it is what it is. All I can say is thank God we don't have to depend solely on The Dark Knight.

 Matt Harvey is an incredible talent but we have been blessed with a number of very talented pitchers. So if Matt has to be shelved or be limited in his output we still are in great shape with Colon (the good Colon), Niese (the un-mopey Niese), Syndergaard, and deGrom (who I feel might even be a better pitcher than Harvey). And on the whole the bullpen has been very good.

Considering I'm not making any cards for the two losses against the Yankees I just wanted to get that out of the way.
It would be impossible to talk Mets without bringing that up . I had never seen anything like the shit storm on social media after that game. Just some more craziness in this crazy season.

At least not yet :)
I hoped for 2 of 3 against The Yanks so we still are in fine shape. Great shape, actually. We could play .500 ball from here on out and the Nationals would have to win all their games.

Here are the cards for the Mets lone win in last weeks Subway Series:

What a klutchkaBOOM! Uribe has been vital. He injured his collarbone in the recent win vs. the Braves and I really hope it doesn't keep him out long. We need this guy healthy and available. 

For Mondays win against Atlanta:

Eight home runs since coming up on July 24th.
Project that!

Murph, what are we going to do with you?
If you didn't rack up these two RBIs your card for this game would have been quite embarrassing. The caption could have read : MURPHY OUT WITH HEAD UP HIS ASS.
What were you thinking there?
Feel free to explain in the comments section :)

Photography by
Jim McLsaac

The Subway Series logo used on the mfc Subway Series cards is from Newsday
(with some mfc alterations)

The Mets magic number is 6!
Happy Birthday Wally!

The Mets magic number is 5!

Photo courtesy of

I'm getting a little nervous...
Not worried though.
But the end of the week we should be poppin' the bubbly.

From last years mfc Season Set:


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