Sunday, October 11, 2015


Dodgers even it up. Mets take the split.


I'll fill in the rest and have more cards tomorrow. Tough loss. I don't want to whine but calling Utley safe on that review was just a horrible, horrible call.

Matt Reynolds will be called up to replace Tejada. Remember Matt from spring training? I do.


  1. Without getting into the play itself, my major complaint is the way MLB handled that call. The on-field call should not have been reversed unless Utley was clearly safe, as opposed to "not out". If they are going to allow the call to be reversed solely on "not out", then allow the Mets to appeal the missed base.

    1. I agree. The officiating made this play a total mess. As far as I was concerned the reversal was just the worst decision by anyone ever about anything. Ha, I'm a little verklempt. Hey, another amazin' story of Mets legendary lore that we can tell our grandkids.
      "Let me tell you about the time Utley took out Tejada and the bruh-haha around that one..."
      Reminds me of Rose and Buddy in a way. Certainly in impact. I hope this charges the Mets up! That's what we need. Make this a footnote in a bigger story.