Wednesday, October 14, 2015

>>>>2015 NLDS game4- DODGERS @METS


Steven Matz was more than serviceable through five frames. A bunch of little hits and then Turner, well he's hitting everything. I told you he'd be a thorn in our side.

Kershaw was amazing in a very blasé way. He just hit all his spots while Matz was missing his. It was quite a performance and should hopefully put an end to his postseason performance jinx once and for all.

This was the turner point for me. I mean turning point. It was a good at bat by Kershaw, and Matz tried to drop that curve in there one too many times.

Now you might think this is the Turner point and I suppose, literally speaking, it is, but I don't consider it the turning point. But damn you Turner, what did we ever do to you...?    Oh yea. Well still, cut it out already. Okay, we should have kept you. I CONCEDE!

Stop showing everyone how pissed off you are Steve. We get it, you care. But leave those kind of faces for us fans. 

When Murphy turned on a Kershaw fastball and replayed his game one homer here in Citi Field I did a little victory dance.

I've been doing this same dance since I've been 12 years old.

Now I was paying attention to the game, well, as much as you can when you are watching it with others & yakkin, but what shocked me the most about Muffy's long ball was it was the Mets first hit of the game! Yikes!

^Grimm should be feeling de-jaVu

Matz pitched a good game. He was a little nitpicky with his pitches but overall he did a commendable job for a rook on the hot seat. He kept us in the game. It didn't matter. Kershaw kept us out of it.

Wright made a nice over the railing grab of a foul ball in the 8th. We need to hear some noise from The Captain out in L.A..

Awww, shaddup. It was a slow card day in Mets Fantazyland.


A game five for all the marbles. I don't know if I'm prepared for this kind of intensity. Well, nothing's easy folks.

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