Friday, October 16, 2015

>>>>2015 NLDS game5- METS @DODGERS. METS WIN GAME 5!!

So the Mets beat the Dodgers in a most interesting fashion.
Justin Turner's one man show turned into Daniel Murphy's award winning performance. *snap*, just like that.
That's baseball.


And Danny steals third right under the nose of The Red Leprechaun! Turner, who plays every position in the infield well, forgot which base he was covering. And Murphy just takes third. He just took it. All this postseason I've been hearing "JUST TAKE IT!" and he just took it. Amazin'.

And then the Mets score on a foul ball that possibly should not have been caught. We can debate about that all you want, but in any case, the Mets tie the game! 
                                   That's baseball!

And then Murphy come's up with the game tied in the 6th inning and smacks a kaBOOMING  home run to give New York the lead, and he's the hero! He's the star! He's the story! Murph turns the tables on Turner. And you know what that is.
Say it with me. That's Baseball!

Not much else left to say except what a game. deGrom didn't have his good stuff. Still he worked and weaved his way through six innings, keeping New York in the game. 

This was a HUGE K by Thor.

The cards can tell the rest of the story. Cya Saturday when the Mets and Cubs meet for the 2015 NLCS. LET'S GO METS!

co-winners Murphy and Familia


  1. Not to be nit-pikky, but the official scoring on Murphy's RBI hit was changed to a double and an error. So no triple for Danny. Great game, great series and, now, home field advantage against the Cubbies. Let's do this thing!

    1. Hey Stubby. Not nit pickin at all, those are the facts. I noticed this morning and I was like gah,fk it. I'll do something about that. Thanks for the heads up.

    2. I approve of your new and improved Murphy card 100% LOL

  2. Thanks Stubby. These cards still may be edited or added to. I really should also have a serious card for Murphs double. And like Syndergaard striking out Turner in relief, that was a HUGE out. Historic going by the rest of his series. I just have to find a picture to go with it. LETS GO METS!!