Thursday, November 12, 2015

>>>>Let's CELEBRATE the METS 2015 season! The mfc Mets Nightlights Realogo

Okay, is everybody rested from that wild ride we took this season? I hope so. Because it's time to celebrate.

To start off the celebration of the National League Champion New York Mets 2015 season mfc presents the National League Champion New York Mets Nightlights Realogo.

Yep, I'm gonna be calling them that every chance I get.

I took the Mets Realogo and put in a nice starry sky, darkened the buildings and lit 'em up. And the Empire State Building is, of course, showing it's Metly colors.

This was a season to celebrate and that's what I'll be doing here at Mets Fantazy Cards to start the offseason.
Hey, maybe I can stretch the celebration until spring training.
That's only around 100 days away.

Let's Go Ricco!

Next up will be game one of the 2015 World Series.
World Series cards! With the Mets! WooHoo!

I'll do up the entire series with more than likely a ridiculous amount of cards for each game. In between series games I'll have some special cards for things like Matt Harvey's Comeback Player Of The Year Award, a few season-in-review pages, and whatever else comes up.
Oh, and I will finish the 1973 World Series pages which would not be complete without the climactic game seven. That we lost.
So I get to do up two World Series that our Metropolitans lost.
Isn't that special.

This is going to be a very interesting offseason.
And let's hope this is an annual thing for the next bunch of years, Mets World Series cards. How cool would that be?
The way things are set up it is more than a remote possibility, which was not the case in spring training 2015.
Let the celebration begin!


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