Thursday, December 31, 2015

>>>>>Happy New Years from MFC!

Another year over, a new one just begun...

Goodbye 2015!

Hello 2016!!

Was I asking for much? I didn't think so. And the Mets delivered. It was a good year for us Mets fans.
Thank you Metropolitans!


 This goes out to Mike who requested a 62mfc Joe Hicks. This will be added to the 62mfc Mets page. Thank you for the request and your amazin' Mets memories Mike. Your name has become part of the Polo Grounds structure.


I hope to complete the 2015 World Series posts before the 2016 season starts. The cards are all done, I just have to write up the games. I haven't been into it lately. This may be a reflection of this Mets offseason.

My mfc Mets slogan for 2015 was "Mojo Risin'", a call back to another time. I thought it was perfect then and even more now in retrospect. Mets Fantazy Cards slogan for 2016 was going to be "Let's Do It Again!" but unfortunately the Mets front office's slogan seems to be "Lightning Can Strike Twice (at the trade deadline)!" so I may have to re-think that. 

Come on Fred, Saul, & Jeff...
Loosen up, or a good thing may slip away.
This is your chance to win everybody back. Maybe your last.
Take that chance. Show that you believe. Surround these pitchers with what they need to do what they are capable of.
Do that and we'll own New York for the next five years. 

And HAPPY NEW YEAR to you guys. 
Let's do it again.

New Year Bonus Link

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