Monday, January 25, 2016

Mets to Retire Piazza's #31

Congratulations Mike Piazza!

The New York Mets have announced they will be retiring Pizza's #31 this season.

Mets Fantazy Cards will return to this subject the week of July 30th when the ceremony takes place at Citi Field.


Photography by Jaime Squire

Sunday, January 24, 2016

1952 mfc ThrowBack Time Card #1- 1951 World Series!

I said I'd make the Monte Irvin steal of home in the 1951 World Series colorization tribute into an mfc card and after a bit of debate (with myself) I will showcase the card as the first mfc "THROWBACK TIME" card, the equivalent of Topps "THROW BACK THE CLOCK" series of cards. 

But before you look let's put this event in it's proper perspective.

At the close of the 1951 baseball season everyone was expecting a subway series but not involving the New York Giants.

The sure bet was a Yankees
/Dodgers World Series as Brooklyn was almost 14 games ahead of the Giants in the N.L. standings. They had even printed up the programs and press pins already.

But the New York Giants won an incredible 36 of the last 44 games to tie the Dodgers for first place, forcing a three game playoff.

There were no wild cards and playoffs tiers in those days. Two leagues (A.L. & N.L., no divisions), with league champs facing off in the Fall Classic. League pennants were only decided by playoff when the teams involved finished the regular season in a tie. Prior to 1951 playoffs had only been necessary in 1946 (NL) and 1948 (AL).

The Giants won the first game 3–1 as a result of a two-run home run by Thomson (interestingly also off Branca). Brooklyn's Clem Labine shut out the Giants in the second game, 10–0.

The decisive contest, played on October 3 at the Polo Grounds, was the first major sporting event televised coast-to-coast in the United States. Imagine that. Bobby Thomson launched his "Shot Heard Around The World" in that game. In 1951 Thomson did for baseball what Carlton Fisk did again in 1975. Thomson's walk-off made baseball TV telecasts one hot commodity.

If baseballs love affair with TV that started in 1951 was going stale it was certainly reignited in 1975 when Fisk  walked off game six, jumping up and down and waving his curling drive fair and into the foul pole.

Now every baseball fan knows about the Giants miracle at Coogans Bluff. It's the team that time won't forget. But I never knew the World Series started the very next day.

And that's when the action captured on this card took place, on Oct. 4th, 1951 in the very first inning of game one of the '51 World Series. 

With two outs and Hank Thompson (walk) on first, the late Monte Irvin singled, sending Thompson to third base. Whitey Lockman followed with a gapper in left that went for a double and Irvin pulled into third. With Bobby Thomson at the plate Irvin pulled off a daring steal of home to make the score 2-0 Giants. They would go on to win this game and game three as well, but unfortunately they could not hold the Yankees down and would lose the series to the Yankees 4 games to 2.

mfc presents 
it's first THROWBACK TIME card:
Monte Irvin Steals Home/1951

My initial plan was to post the mfc 1951 World Series card itself but that came out so good I'm going to have to make a card back to go with it. Stay tuned.


The X-Files returns after 14 years and mfc commemorates this event.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Impossible Dream Comes True: Mets Get Cespedes!

Thank you Mets. 
Thank you Mr. Alderson. 
Thank you Mr. Wilpon, Mr. Katz, and Jeffy. 
Oh, okay,.. the "other" Mr. Wilpon. 
I should show some respect.
*adjusts tie

I'll start again.

Thank you Mets. 
Thank you Mr. Alderson. 
Thank you Mr. Wilpon, Mr. Katz, and Mr. Wilpon. 
Thank you for investing in your product.

You've made this killer weekend blizzard just a backdrop, a footnote, just something to worry about tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the day after that. Whenever this crystallized deluge comes to a halt. The weatherman is like Sandy Alderson. He says a lot of fancy stuff without really saying anything and then whatever happens, happens.

Most of all, thank you Yoenis Cespedes, for showing me you are more than just a cardboard cut out money maker. You're a class act, a proud man who is more interested in playing with this Mets squad and taking care of unfinished business than with the money. You have my respect.

The deal is a good one for everybody. Three years/75 million, including an opt out after one year. The Washington Nationals offered him five years/90 million and he said thanks but no thanks, I'd rather be a Met.

I posted this meme below a few days ago on twitter and I meant it. But I really thought that Cespedes would go after the money (and the years) that New York was not willing to give him. 

Noah Syndergaard said it first and it's a sentiment that we should all get behind. 

We have unfinished business. 

That should be the Mets slogan for 2016.
We can use "Let's Do It Again", the previous choice, in 2017.

I had completed the mfc card above when I ran into this photo of Cespedes used below (photo by Rob Tringali). I had to make a card from it. It wasn't Yoenis that caught my eye. It was that superkool blue and orange glove! I want one of those!

And I thought it was all about the money.
I mean, he had to return. 
He couldn't use that kool glove anywhere else.

Look, the Mets are already making money on the deal^



Elias Sports Bureau Report

Cespedes’ 17 home runs are tied for the third-most by a Met from Aug. 1 to the end of the season. Gary Carter (1985) and Mike Piazza (1999) each hit 19.

Cespedes is the fifth player that the Mets have signed to a contract of more than $50 million. Four of them have been outfielders.

Carlos Beltran ($119 million), Jason Bay ($66 million) and Curtis Granderson ($60 million) were the three most expensive free-agent signings in Mets history. Cespedes' contract ranks second among free-agent deals given by the Mets, trailing only the one by Beltran. The $25 million average annual value matches that of Giancarlo Stanton and Josh Hamilton for the highest ever for an outfielder.


There were a number of notable passings lately and I'd like to touch on two of them here.

Monte Irvin does not get enough love. When I saw this photo of him stealing home in the 1951 World Series I knew I had to colorize it. 

Everyone has seen the photo of Jackie Robinson stealing home in the 1955 Fall Classic. If we held a seance and summoned the ghost of Yogi I bet one of the first things he'd say was that Jackie was out.

But I can say I had never seen this fantastic photo of Irvin, caught mid slide as Yogi rushes out to meet him. Monte was safe and I never heard Yogi say otherwise. What a wonderful photograph. 

Mr. Irvin passed away last week at the age of 96. He was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1973. At the time of his death, Irvin was the oldest living former Negro Leagues player, New York Giant and Chicago Cub.

In tribute to Mr. Irvin mfc adds color (and a little depth) to this beautiful pic.
I haven't been able to learn the name of the photographer.
I found the photo here:


And the great David Bowie left us too soon.What he gave to the arts cannot be put into words. The guy was art.

Nasa recently said that they found the "real" ninth planet. If that is indeed the case then this new planet should be named after Bowie. Cause he was out there.

And artist named Helen Green did a series of excellent drawings of Bowie at various stages of his career and made them into an animated .gif.

This is amazing work.

I opened it up in animation shop and slowed it down so you could appreciate each drawing.

Of course, while I had it in there I had to start messing with it.
I added this trippy background. I hope Ms. Green doesn't mind my alternate version.

You can see all the different Bowie's, yet he was one of a kind.


Outside in Fantazyland.

This was supposed to be posted last night but the storm knocked out my electricity. We're getting pounded down here in S.J.
At least a foot and a half already and drifts up to three, easy.
Be safe everybody. 

What it really looks like outside.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mike Piazza!/Ken Griffey Jr.!: Hall Of Famers 2016!!!

Congratulations to Mike Piazza and Ken Griffey Jr.! 2016 Hall of Fame Honorees!

I don't think there was any doubt that Junior would go in first ballot. 100% of the vote would not have surprised me in the least. Aside from Willie Mays, Ken Griffey is the best baseball player I've ever seen play.

I am glad it was he who broke Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan's record for most votes received percentage wise. 
(I'll always figure out a way to get a Mets player on a card somehow)

Great to see Piazza finally get his due. He should have been first ballot. Oh look, I have a zit on my back right now and I've never taken steroids in my life. Case closed.

My plan evolved from 2 mfc tribute cards to what I'm gonna be calling mfcSPORTgifs. The Griffey came out nice but I got a little too fancy wancy with the Piazza and the .gif came out horrible. I'll see if I can correct the complications. The cards below are 6 frames from the attempted .gif which was to be just short of 200 frames. A bit much, I'm afraid. I was able to make an .avi file from the frames and you will find it below.

I really want Piazza to go in with a Mets cap but if they should decide he can wear a first responders cap, I won't complain.

The last card pictured is Piazza's mfc DIAMOND club card. It was either Diamond club or Shea Stadium Club. Mfc's  going with DIAMOND club, mfc's equivalent of Topps STADIUM club.

Mike Piazza's 2016 mfc Hof Tribute card.
Click play>


Mike Piazza's 2016 mfc Hof Tribute card.


Lets Go Mets in 2016

Lisa Blumenfeld