Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mike Piazza!/Ken Griffey Jr.!: Hall Of Famers 2016!!!

Congratulations to Mike Piazza and Ken Griffey Jr.! 2016 Hall of Fame Honorees!

I don't think there was any doubt that Junior would go in first ballot. 100% of the vote would not have surprised me in the least. Aside from Willie Mays, Ken Griffey is the best baseball player I've ever seen play.

I am glad it was he who broke Tom Seaver and Nolan Ryan's record for most votes received percentage wise. 
(I'll always figure out a way to get a Mets player on a card somehow)

Great to see Piazza finally get his due. He should have been first ballot. Oh look, I have a zit on my back right now and I've never taken steroids in my life. Case closed.

My plan evolved from 2 mfc tribute cards to what I'm gonna be calling mfcSPORTgifs. The Griffey came out nice but I got a little too fancy wancy with the Piazza and the .gif came out horrible. I'll see if I can correct the complications. The cards below are 6 frames from the attempted .gif which was to be just short of 200 frames. A bit much, I'm afraid. I was able to make an .avi file from the frames and you will find it below.

I really want Piazza to go in with a Mets cap but if they should decide he can wear a first responders cap, I won't complain.

The last card pictured is Piazza's mfc DIAMOND club card. It was either Diamond club or Shea Stadium Club. Mfc's  going with DIAMOND club, mfc's equivalent of Topps STADIUM club.

Mike Piazza's 2016 mfc Hof Tribute card.
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Mike Piazza's 2016 mfc Hof Tribute card.


Lets Go Mets in 2016

Lisa Blumenfeld

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