Thursday, February 4, 2016

mfc celebrates the Mets Outfielders


I've been neglecting the blog lately, but not my work on the project. There's always a black & white Mets photo that can use colorization. I have a folder full of pictures that I want to get to.

The Mets outfield circa 1968 gets Z treatment.

This is an excellent photo, nice and big with two of my favorite Mets pictured at the Sadecki Spot down in St. Petersburg Florida. Right away I thought that would make a good combo type card and for that it would have to be colorized. Some colorizations take more time than others because of the detail involved. Some of what I do can be termed photo restoration because I'll remove scratches and smooth out any pixelization or scan patterns. Also if some of the original information contained in the photo is not clear or apparent I will provide it. Like that washed out sky. The work looked very good until I added the cloudy blue sky, and then it really came to life. The sky will stay in, although the addition is not a part of the original photograph. So basically what I do is a combination of colorization and photoshopping.

If not for the Mets uniform pinstripes this one would have been much quicker work. But I start em and I just keep going til they are done. This one took many hours to complete, but well worth it.

While wrapping up this fantazy project I updated another mfc card from the past. I originally used this picture below on a 1970 mfc card with the caption OUTSTANDING OUTFIELDERS. I never liked how that one came out so I pulled it and this will replace that card. Introducing a new 1971 mfc METS OUTFIELD. I think everything looks better in a 1971 Topps border.

May as well celebrate the Mets current outfield as well. For me the key will be what Conforto brings, and I think he will bring very good things.

Here's some more last minute Mets Outfield cards. Thanks go to Edgy MD of the CPF for providing the photos.

June 1st, 2012


I found a picture of "The Glove".
So I can start my next card series, BASEBALL GLOVES of the METROPOLITANS.


  1. I like that 1st card, but it should be titled 1967mfc, not 1969mfc.

    1. You have a point there. It's like a mix of 67 & 69. 69 rounded corner border and 67 colors. I never realized that all the team names on the 69 cards were printed in yellow until I just looked. I thought it was just the Mets (how'd they play "flip/colors" in '69?). I should have based that card on the Ted Williams/Mike Epstein duo card from the '69 set. Thanks for the heads up. Updated.