Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Some Special Cards for Hump Day

I came across another great photo of the late Kevin Collins. He did get one card for each year he played so this is an extra, and it's really a great shot. Oy, why didn't I come across this one a few days ago. I can't let it go to waste. 

And I learned of another passing of a Metropolitan from the past. We also lost Brock Pemberton, a first baseman who banged around our minor league system for a bunch of years in the early 1970s. He did see time (extremely limited) on the big club in 1974 & '75.

Instead of making more facsimile or '16 season set cards I'll make these two mfc All Time Mets cards. I haven't made any of these for a while. Time-wise I was up to the early 70's with the All Time Mets Set and these additions will be made now. 

Initially I had only planned on including notable Mets in this set but I've decided that if I can find a nice big photo of a Mets player, he'll get a card. Why not? Maybe I can make one for every Met who ever was. That's a nice fantasy.

This excellent photo of Brock was found at Out Of The Park Baseball.

I don't know one single thing nor have any recollections of Mr. Pemberton. 

Oh, I do remember seeing him in an old yearbook on one of those " Down On The Farm" pages. I used to love looking at them as a kid, wondering how the player would pan out. Looking at these same pages today is even more interesting, because I know.

 Jason Fry over at Faith And Fear In Flushing writes a very nice piece about Brock here:

Faith And Fear In Flushing


Fourteen-year-old Ryan Williams, of Fort Pierce, shows off the baseball he got autographed by New York Mets pitchers Tuesday during spring training practice at Tradition Field in Port St. Lucie. Ryan, a lifelong Mets fan, had a heart transplant in August. (JON SANTUCCI/TREASURE COAST NEWSPAPERS).

Ryan gets the honors for March's Mets fan of the month, the first fan of the month card of 2016. 

Congratulations Ryan! 

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  1. Are you sure Kevin Collins died? I haven't seen any mention of it on the various baseball sites, not in news stories in general. (I've seen notices about Tony Phillips, Brock Pemberton, and some other guy named Kevin Collins who I think was a politician, but not the MLB player.)