Wednesday, March 30, 2016

>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Dark Knight Will Open!

Who wasn't worried? Who isn't relieved? Matt Harvey's medical problem has been resolved and he is still slated as opening day starter in Kansas City. 

The last time Matt faced the Royals he gave us his all. 
This rematch is a perfect way to show the Royals that  the 2015 World Series is a thing of the past. They beat that Mets team. 

The Mets of 2016 are a slightly different animal. And New York will show Kansas City just how different as Matt Harvey starts in a few days. Matt, give us everything you've got Sunday. Don't hold it in.
(he will be hearing that for the rest of his career. lol)

Special 2016 mfc insert card
The Dark Knight Opens

They took a cab, like the old days!:)

As soon as Matt got back from the doctors in New York I got the boys together to pose for a photo at the not yet famous Sadecki Spot. I didn't think they'd be able to get away from Port St. Lucie but after the day's workout they hopped a cab and zipped over to St. Petersburg where the Mets used to hold spring training.

mfc -Mets Rotation at the Sadecki Spot- six piece puzzle
Thanks guys! Okay, back to work!

This is an mfc Wes Westrum Sadecki Spot Commemorative Collection card. There are 69 cards in this set. Collect them all! All player photos were taken at the Sadecki Spot.
This is the 2nd S.S.C.C. card to surface here on the blog.

I know you're all waiting anxiously for the Story Of The Sadecki Spot and it's place in Mets History. MFC is preparing a tribute for a future post.


Also an in depth look at my personal white whale, 
the white wall of Shea in April, 1967. 


mfc Colorization: Wes Westrum

Thursday, March 24, 2016

2016 Mets mfc stuff for the Season Opener. ____Get your gear on!



Mets Fantasy Cards 2016 slogan/logo .v1
(season opener)


At least 62-70 is done. although there
will be (& have been) 
additions to those pages.

When I started this blog it was because I was unhappy with the Mets current situation and preferred living in the team's past. I drew up a pretty detailed outline of what I wanted to do here. I used the guise of old baseball cards to tell Mets history. 

This card always
cracks me up.

Back then I started making the cards and preparing the posts while watching Met games on TV. It was a nice distraction from what was going on down on the field (and in the front office) from 2007 up through the start of 2013. If you follow this blog, you'll see that I've strayed a bit.

An alt Agee that I
just discovered in my attic.

Things like the early losing years and the 69 & 73 postseasons were easy to recall , get into, and write about (in the case of the team's early years fun to research). I was wondering how I would fill in the later 70's, because I stopped following the Mets in 1977 for a few years. Well, I didn't stop, I just tried real hard not to care. I guess I'll cover it from my perspective when I get there. In any case, things have changed. I can't recall the last time I was this happy with a Mets team, from last years World Series appearance to what they did this offseason to prepare for an attempt to repeat in 2016.

Yes, things have changed dramatically since I started the Mets Fantasy Cards project in 2013 and the teams present has me very happy. From time to time I will go back and make posts relating to Mets history as I originally planned, and as I did at the start of the 2015 season, I figure why not document this chapter in Mets history as it's happening. 

If you follow this blog you can see how it's shifted back and forth in time with today's Mets starting to win over. This is a great thing as far as I'm concerned. That means they are doing things that could become very historic very quickly.

I'm not going to do the card a game thing like 2014, but I'll certainly follow the season with an evolving set of custom cards like I did in 2015. Some of my entries take a ridiculous amount of time to prepare and I won't be rushed as far as the Mets history posts go. I can't say how regularly or often I'll post but it will be as much as possible and hopefully, always worth the wait.

This might end up being my last Mets Murphy card. *sob*

...I can't let that happen.


I'm also going to start a new segment, a monthly post showcasing my favorite cards by other custom cardmakers. They will be displayed on what I will call binder posts. Here's a preview (That's Joe Shlabotnik's '72 custom CAR OWNERS PHOTOS OF THE STARS card from The Shlabotnik Report!) :

I am asking permission here to post custom cards created by others. There are a lot of excellent custom card makers out there. You know who you are. I visit all your blogs and I love your stuff. If you are a card maker and do not want your card displayed or shared by me through this blog once a month, please let me know.

Thanks for visiting the Mets Fantasy Cards project & LETS GO METS!- we have unfinished business in 2016!,

Monday, March 7, 2016

>>>>>I Stand Up For Shannon Forde

Very sad news. 
Mets long time senior director in the media relations department Shannon Forde, a beloved part of the team for more than two decades, died Friday night after a long battle with breast cancer. She was 44 years old.

Shannon was near and dear to the Mets family but you will notice through social media her loss is being mourned by everyone in baseball. That's because she was a very special, very beautiful person who made anyone she ever made contact with feel like a friend. My sincerest sympathies go to her husband and children, family & friends.

Please share this with the link provided and if you can afford it, give.


And a last goodbye to Yogi and Monte