Wednesday, March 30, 2016

>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Dark Knight Will Open!

Who wasn't worried? Who isn't relieved? Matt Harvey's medical problem has been resolved and he is still slated as opening day starter in Kansas City. 

The last time Matt faced the Royals he gave us his all. 
This rematch is a perfect way to show the Royals that  the 2015 World Series is a thing of the past. They beat that Mets team. 

The Mets of 2016 are a slightly different animal. And New York will show Kansas City just how different as Matt Harvey starts in a few days. Matt, give us everything you've got Sunday. Don't hold it in.
(he will be hearing that for the rest of his career. lol)

Special 2016 mfc insert card
The Dark Knight Opens

They took a cab, like the old days!:)

As soon as Matt got back from the doctors in New York I got the boys together to pose for a photo at the not yet famous Sadecki Spot. I didn't think they'd be able to get away from Port St. Lucie but after the day's workout they hopped a cab and zipped over to St. Petersburg where the Mets used to hold spring training.

mfc -Mets Rotation at the Sadecki Spot- six piece puzzle
Thanks guys! Okay, back to work!

This is an mfc Wes Westrum Sadecki Spot Commemorative Collection card. There are 69 cards in this set. Collect them all! All player photos were taken at the Sadecki Spot.
This is the 2nd S.S.C.C. card to surface here on the blog.

I know you're all waiting anxiously for the Story Of The Sadecki Spot and it's place in Mets History. MFC is preparing a tribute for a future post.


Also an in depth look at my personal white whale, 
the white wall of Shea in April, 1967. 


mfc Colorization: Wes Westrum

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  1. I'm glad all your hard work didn't go to waste with the Harvey custom insert.