Sunday, April 10, 2016

2016 Home Opener!-Conforto Rated Rook!-GAMEGIF!

The defending National League Champion New York Mets took the field at Citi on a blustery Friday afternoon in Flushing, Queens. Before the game they hoisted the flag. Citi Field was packed beyond it's capacity with 44,099 fans attending. Met fans don't fear the cold.

Jacob deGrom got the start and allowed one run on five hits over six innings, striking out 6. He walked no one. Jacob was excellent but left the game after 6 innings with some tightness in his right lat. He had only thrown 76 pitches. 

Manager Terry Collins said deGrom was "still sore" on Sunday. He said there are still no plans to have deGrom undergo an MRI and announced he will use spot starter Logan Verrett on Wednesday night in deGrom's slot. Jacob said his lat tighness has improved but it's better to error on the side of caution.
Hopefully this is just due to the inclimate weather. And hopefully deGrom's wife has a healthy baby in the next few days. 
GAMEgif !! 
deGrom's got this.
It's not a card but it is a gif of the game. 
deGrom drove in the first run for the Mets in the 7-2 win over Philadelphia. Michael Conforto (3 rbi) and Neil Walker (2 rbi) put it away with some fine clutch hitting.
Let's give Walker an updated card with him on the Mets. I think we should keep him :)

Conforto's 2nd year mfc card!  Yep, he's still a Rated Rookie. 
Conforto is off to a nice start. Lets hope he keeps it going.

The Phillies had their chances in the home opener but blew 'em all. Even when we dropped an infield pop-up we got two outs from it. Ha!

Below we see Mets media guy Jay Horwitz in action. He's calling to apologize to someone that he butt dialed by mistake a few seconds earlier.

This concept for the IA card looked really good in my head before I made it. I started to design the IN ACTION card border when I saw this photo of Jay and I just had to find a way to use it. I thought a mash of  the 1972 & 2016 designs would be both now-kool and then-nostalgic. I don't think I pulled it off this time. I'll experiment further mashing old and new and you'll see it here.


Gotta commemorate "The Catch!" in game two against the Phils. Colon pitched well but received no run support, losing 1-0.


When I saw this photo of Keith Hernandez from The Topps Archives I knew right away that it had to go in a horizontal border. It's the same picture used in his actual 1985 Topps card, which makes it a little strange. I always loved Keith's '85 Topps. An excellent photo of him very seriously slashing a gapper to left-center.


Veale's 1968 Topps Card
I ran into some newly discovered rare footage of Shea Stadium taken in April of 1967. 
What's that I see?
It's my elusive white wall!

Somehow the person filming it managed to avoid pointing the camera at the outfield wall. You can see above it, below it, off to both sides of it. But there are a very few frames of the rare white wall. The dead give-away is that the outfield dimensions displayed on the wall are black instead of white.

Did you watch that?! I think someone edited the white wall 
out of this footage! It's a conspiracy, I tells ya. There's only one way for me to find out. The Men In Black owe me one because I never revealed to the world that Willie McGee, ex- Cardinal outfielder, was actually an alien. 

So I'm gonna have to go back in time to opening day at Shea, 1967. 

I'll pick up a few packs of '67 Topps while I'm there.


Photographs by Sharon Chapman, John Munson, Andrew Mills, USTSI.


Fantasy Update: deGrom's regular issue mfc card has been earned. I owe him one. I'm just waiting for the perfect picture.

Reality update: We lost two of three from the Phils. Not good. We cannot allow the Phils to become a thorn in our side in 2016. 

Time to go on one of those eleven game winning streaks.