Friday, April 8, 2016

2016mfc-GAMEgif #2-The First Win/THOR/The Belt/The Rings/The Memes

The Mets split the opening series with the Kansas City Royals led by Noah Syndergaard, possibly the only Mets starter who has the World Champs number.

The last time we beat the Royals it was Thor leading the charge in game three of the fall classic.

Noah looked amazing Tuesday afternoon.

Yep, I will get on your nerves all summer with cliche hammer captions.

60 ft. 6 inches away? 
I don't think the Royals want to meet Syndergaard anywhere at this point.

I think what I'll do this season is make the Mets player's mfc regular issue card when he does something to deserve it.
Noah worked for his.

So Neil Walker, who already received his, the first mfc card of 2016, launches the first kaboom of the 2016 season. How about that?

A shout out to the Mets bullpen which has been flawless. I know it can't last forever but keep it going.

Colon and Blevins in game one, Henderson, Reed, and Familia in game two. And of the three on Tuesday, Henderson impressed me the most. Maybe because it was my first real look at him. He was in complete control of the 7th inning, setting the Royals down in order with two strikeouts. His fastball averaged 96mph and had some nice movement.


A few posts ago I mentioned Shannon Forde's immeasurable loss. I was hoping for a uniform patch or something similar in her memory.
 I haven't seen any action from the front office on this but I do see that team captain David Wright and the players took it upon themselves to add some mementos to the Champion Of The Game belt. This belt is given to the player of the game after every Mets win. The pink ribbon and green clover were added in her memory.

From the Mets via tumblr:

The Champion of the Game Belt is Back with a Special Meaning

Last season, veteran Michael Cuddyer added some extra motivation to every game: He handed out a wrestling-style championship belt to the star of the game, after each win. 

It was a fun thing the veteran did to keep the clubhouse loose and it also helped to motivate the team. It was Cuddy’s upgrade to the traditional game-ball. Many of the players enjoyed the post-game awards ceremony so why not continue it?

To that end, Captain David Wright and Clubhouse Manager, Kevin Kierst, decided to continue to bestow the Champion of the Game Belt in 2016. Yet equally, the Belt is also now a way to remember Shannon Forde, Mets Senior Director of Public Relations.  Forde succumbed to her battle with stage IV breast cancer just one month ago. 

The new belt is awesome!
They came up with this…
The new belt features the Mets logo and the 2015 NL Champions logo on each side while its center features Mr. Met and 2016.  Specifically to honor Forde, the Mr. Met is flanked by a pink ribbon and an Irish shamrock.
“We were discussing ideas and I wanted to have something that honored Shannon on the belt, that made sure she was still a part of the team,” Wright explained.

Sealing our first win of 2016, Neil Walker hit the game winning 2-run home run.   Fittingly, Walker is the inaugural 2016 recipient of the Champion of the Game Belt to honor Shannon Forde. 

Shannon Forde will always be a part of the Mets and the belt will continue to pay tribute to her after every win this season.

I want to applaud Wright and the players for doing this. A simple thing, but from the heart. It lets Mrs. Forde's family know that she lives on forever in the memory of all who knew her. 


Walker gets a belt, you get a ring avatar. Save and use wherever you want to show you're a Mets fan.>
The Mets got their National League Championship rings yesterday in a nice little clubhouse ceremony.
The gang's all here.

The new rings are sweeeeeet. I love that it incorporates the best logo known to man and the universe. Also each year we made the big show! And what's that? The Tardis? Nice touch.



As far as this business about Mike Piazza's 9/11 game jersey...


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Photos by Denny Medley, Andrew Mills, Anthony J. Causi

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