Friday, April 22, 2016

mfc Salutes PRINCE

I feel kinda bad cause I took Prince for granted. 

He came on the scene & he was awesome from the get-go. He made Michael Jackson look like a child. He made Jimi Hendrix look like Jiminy Cricket. He started a party in 1982 that went on until the new millennium (& beyond. I can still party like that from time to time). 

He first reached my ears with Controversy (1981) and anyone who watched Mtv can recalls Little Red Corvette(1982). The Purple Rain soundtrack and film(1984) launched him into the stratosphere. I lost track of him in the later 80's and could see during the Super Bowl Halftime Show from 2007 that he hadn't lost any of his talents and edge.

He simply continued to be awesome his whole life, charting his own path thru the recording jungle, shunning the status quo, reinventing himself just like Bowie did, a number of times. More so resurrecting himself after self imposed exiles. Last album I bought by him had Rasberry Beret on it, so that was a loooong time ago.

I still sat up and paid attention anytime he appeared or did something new.

A sad day.

RIP Prince Rogers Nelson.


A rainbow appears above Prince’s Paisley Park estate 

hours after his death

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