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The Mets lost the rubber game against the Phils in extra innings last Wednesday. Above you see some true baseball fans at the game in Philadelphia, kids who don't let their baseball allegiances come in between their friendships. I wish I knew who these kids were because I'd like them to see the card and know that I appreciated their humorous placards ( ha! Only Casey & I call 'em placards). 

This one below goes out to Liam Sullivan and his son Peter, another great fan of the game. Look at how Pete has his head in there. Who does that remind you of?

Michael Conforto maybe? 
Michael Conforto and Pete Sullivan are seeing the ball very well lately. The action below is from Sunday's game where Conforto drove in two with a sac fly and a wicked double to the base of the wall in right. That was Michael's 6th double and 10 RBI of '16.

I know what Keith would say. 
He'd say "I like how that young man keeps his head in there, he's going to be a fine hitter. Also, I hate these Mets uniforms from 1989."

I made the 1990mfc Keith because I ran into this photo and I have to display the worst Mets road jersey ever created. Let's get that out of the way. It's still better than Hernandez in an Indians uniform, though. BTW, that's Sullivan's rookie card so I recommend you put that in digital plastic. 
Cespedes and Duda did go back to back in that loss in Philly and let's hope we see a lot of that this summer. Duda looks to be in a hot-streak (and he's going the other way a lot), Granderson's coming around nicely, and Cespedes is Cespedes. 

Speaking of Cespedes, in a game on April 13th against the Marlins he made this fantastic effort for a foul ball at Citi. It was late in a 2-0 game, New York in the lead. I'll never question Yoenis's hustle again (I have in the past) but I still have to question his thought process. If this was a perfect game in the World Series, okay, but to take a risk like that in April is a bit helter skelter. Thankfully, all the spectators were okay. Cespedes banged up his leg a bit but could still stay in the game, and played Friday night. 
What a try.

Yoenis has not played since Friday night because he reaggravated his bruised leg on this slide pictured below. I hope this isn't a lingering thing. Because as good as his effort was, if we lose him in the lineup it wasn't worth it.

Curtis Granderson had a great game in the opener against the Atlanta Braves Friday night. He led off the game with a single, hit a grand salami in the 2nd inning and ripped another homer in the 4th . It's great to see Granderson coming around. Like last season, he's had a slow start, so I felt it was only a matter of time with him. 

I've been getting on Travis d'Arnaud's case a little lately so it's only fair to give him credit when he deserves it. Travis made this great grab in game 1 of the Atlanta series. 

This is a great photo by Kevin Cox. Below are some alternate views of the same moment. First you see the excellent photograph by Mr.Cox and then some screen grabs showing the same moment recorded by SNY cameras.

And if you look you can see Kevin actually taking the photograph. Pretty kool.

Great grab d'Arnaud. Great shot Kevin. Great camera work SNY.


Steven Matz (2-1) won his second game in a row after his weak debut. Remember when the Fish fried him for 1.2 frames at Citi a few weeks ago? Me neither. Matz is looking good.  

He went 6.1 innings, scattering 2 runs and 9 hits. He issued 8 strikeouts and walked none.

David Wright has been shooting a lot of balls to right and right center. I expect we'll see a lot of that because he's always had power the other way. This is fine, and maybe easier on his back. Having said that, it was nice to see him pull a double in the 2nd game of the Atlanta series.

Jacob deGrom (2-0) returned and pitched a fine game Sunday. He went 5.2 and picked up the win allowing 1 run on 8 hits. He had 3 strikeouts and walked none. Henderson (3 holds), Robles (2 holds), Blevins (3 holds), and Familia (5 saves) closed it out for New York.


This weeks regular issue mfc card will be Asdrubal Cabrera. What a great job he's doing at shortstop. Hitting for average and in the clutch, and like on Sunday he'll jack one from time to time. He's got baseball smarts and experience as he has displayed during the first month of the 2016 season.
With Cabrera and Walker, Sandy Alderson has fortified our middle infield.


Time for a coach card!
Dan Warthen deserves an mfc card. Because I think he's a freakin' awesome pitching coach and his card reflects this.

My condolences to Mr. Warthen on the loss of his mother last week.


Oh yea, we swept the Braves!

>>>>New York has 23 home runs in the last 9 games.

>>>>Sunday marked the seventh time New York scored in the first inning on its nine-game road trip. The Mets are 10-3 when scoring first, 8-2 on the road.

>>>>OF Yoenis Cespedes was unavailable for the second straight day while nursing a sore leg that Collins said "could" linger into Monday night.

Coming up:
>>>>New York begins a nine-game homestand Monday night with RHP Noah Syndergaard (2-0, 0.90) slated to start against Cincinnati RHP Raisel Iglesias (1-1, 3.09).

mfc will present favorite custom cards.

Photographs by
Kevin C. Cox, Bill Streicher, Erik S. Lesser, Lori M. Nichols, Tim Hawk, John Amis, SNY.

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