Wednesday, May 25, 2016

2016 mfc Captain Clutch walkoff GIFcard! And bad stuff about Matt Harvey :(

I haven't had time to write up the Milwaukee series yet. I was able to get one GIFcard completed. David Wright with the walk off on Saturday! I wish I had thought of Captain Clutch when I was making the card. I like this new design for the GIFcards. I can get more image in this way. You can see I was going in this direction with the Conforto. I should redo the Conforto because that little cut out looks crappy.

Look at that swing! 
So The Captain with the walk off. And the 3 run kaBOOM vs. the Nats! Good stuff! But there's also been bad stuff. Matt Harvey....

 I made a card for "before the game". Ha, what a nut. ;)
In a game we all wanted him to get back on track in he fell off the rails. He looked okay to start but gave up 2 boomers in the fourth and hit that fifth inning wall. This is tough to see. Must be worse to go through it.

We have an eve and a day and a nickname.
He's gotta make a comeback!
After the game Matt left without facing the press. Very bad. Or sad. He always at least owns up after a bad outing.

Jeez, I never expected to feel bad for nightlife lovin' model datin' nude posin' Matt Harvey. How the mighty have fallen. I feel for him. I'm in the Matt Harvey Supporter Group.

From 2013
I think he makes it thru this eventually. His numbers are VERY similar to Strasburg's the year after TJ surgery ( Ronnie and the SNY booth showed that last night). He's going to have to go to Vegas and work this out. It's my feeling that Matt's got to get back to 2013 shape and weight. The business about using extra weight to pitch, save that for when you're older. That will probably happen naturally.

Remember when The Dark Knight could pick and choose where to rehab? Those days are over and this will test his character. We thought we knew what he was made of but we didn't. We will find out now. 

Don't forget we have Wheeler back sometime in July if he's still on schedule.

Ya know, with Duda, sometimes a temporary back ailment is just that. Wrights situation has us spooked. I think we see Lucas back before July and fine.

Wilmer Flores just started rehab, and he had a couple of hits in his game last night. He should be back Friday. Flores could step up and be big. It's a great opportunity here and has risen to the occasion more than once in orange and blue. I have faith in Flores. 

De Aza is taking ground balls at first. I hear that Conforto might. Right away I rooted for Conforto to first but I was in panic mode. I still like the thought of Conforto as our first baseman (and not just temporarily) for a number of reasons but to pull that on him mid-season may be a bit much.

My hopes are that Flores steps up and forces me to make another one of those Mets Magic Cards. And Duda will be back in three weeks tops and this back problem was an isolated incident.

No comment. Except to say I did go on record saying that Muffy was going to come back and bite us on the ass.
New guy Ty Kelly looked out of his element at the plate tonight, overmatched, shaking his head like he was in a nightmare. 3Ks and a ground out to end his first MLB game. He was. He was also facing Steven Strasburg at his 2016 best. He was ripping it up in the minors and I hope he sees better days, and soon. He will get a card.

What's the deal with the other Matt? Was he called up just to bunt and ride the pine?

Eric Campbell whipped a homer. Maybe he gets a little streak going. Even the most average ballplayers sometime's do this. Come on Campy! We could use a hot streak. So could you.

If they get Loney for nothing, fine, I've always liked the player.
Spell correct wants that^ to say "If they get Money for nothing..". 
And our chicks for free?

Matz today for the rubber game.

Lets Go Matz!

 And don't be giving up on Matt Harvey!

Did you hear what Ronnie said about Harvey cupping the ball? Did you see the replay? Look at how loosely Matt's holding the baseball in all these images above. There is a difference.

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