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mfc THIS WEEK IN METS BASEBALL /May 21th -28th

Whew, another week like this and I'll need to have my blood pressure checked. And it's only the end of May! Things started out great last weekend with  the sweep of the Brewers. That wasn't exactly smooth, but a sweep is a sweep.

I planned on making more cards for both the Brewers and National series, and I still might. Been a busy week. If I do make them I'll add them here.

We took 2 of 3 important ones from the Nationals. Mr. Steven Matz showed us that we are holding five aces. Colon not an ace you say? Okay, four aces and a joker.

Captain Wright has been popping some dingers! He hit 3 whoppers in 3 consecutive games! An exciting walk off! I want to say HE'S BACK BABY but he was out last night with a pain in his neck. 

Cabrera has been so crucial, so steady.

Gotcha Utley!

Dealing or shuffling. Don't ask me. 
When the game is tied I think the Mets are winning.

Damn you all to hell,Utley!

This was such a classic game. It had everything! Ups and downs, big hits, great fielding, good enough starting pitching, a meltdown, a sacrificial lamb (deGrom's win) and an answer right back walkoff homer. Utley did something in this game too, didn't he. 

I redesigned the regular mfc border just so I could get the Leprechaun of L.A. in frame. I might switch to this look in series three. I like it.


Not much to say about last night's game. 
Ha. Watch, now I'll go on for like an hour. 
Last night's game was horrendous. And not because of the Mets bats (weak), or Chase Utley (back to the head of my nemesis list). It was because of a green umpire named Adam Hamari who decided that Thor should be tossed for throwing behind Utley in the 3rd inning. 

No warning. No hits batsman. 
After the game crew chief Tom Hallion said the umpire was convinced Noah threw at Utley intentionally. If his intention was missing him by a foot, which it was, then how could he also intend to hit him?

This was a HUGE game with the '86 tribute crowd and their '86 jerseys. Imagine traveling to Citi Field to see Syndergaard pitch and having that happen in the third frame. Totally ridiculous. If he hit him, okay, toss him without a warning. But he was just throwing a brush-forward pitch. 

How can a pitcher send a message if he is no longer allowed to brush-back, or in this case, brush-forward and opposing batter? And seriously, you cannot take away the threat the pitcher has to throw close to an opposing batter. Batters are way to comfortable as it is.
Cripes, I'm still upset.


Upside? I came up with a new card concept.


And Harvey hit him with his message. And everybody
in the wide, wide, world of sports knew it was intentional.
Not tossed.

I tip my cap to Utley. 

I live down in Southern New Jersey and for many years I saw 80% of my live ballgames (probably 97% were Mets games) at Veterans Stadium in Philly. I watched Utley (& Howard) come up and I liked and respected these players. Saved their baseball cards, kept tabs on them (along with other non-Metropolitan players I am a fan of). Rooted against them when playing the Mets, of course. Booed  'em. But these were two great players, especially Utley. 

Chase was a throwback, my favorite kind of player. Wally Backmanish, gritty, played the game as hard as he possibly could all the time. How I wished the Mets could have gotten him earlier in his career. He is an asset to any team he's on. I can compartmentalize that and keep it away from my met fandom. Up to a point, anyway. But the thing is, yea, I'll be mighty pissed at him, like I was last night, but I don't hate him. I hate the stuff he does to us. There's a big difference there. This was how it was for me with Pete Rose, who Chase could also be measured against in terms of balls to the wall hustle.

Utley fully expected to be plunked at one point during this series from the Mets. That pretty much says it all about what generation of player he comes from. Old School.

When dinosaurs like Chase Utley die out, watching baseball will be like watching a company softball game.
This isn't the first time I've expressed these sentiments:

I don't even want to get into the Utley playoff slide, because the idiot umps said they did not take it into consideration.

 Crew chief Tom Hallion post game statement to the media.
^courtesy of Michael Baron

@KeithOlbermann/via twitter
Another umpire who thinks the pregame ceremonies were for him. Adam Hamari has no business in a ballpark without a ticket #DeleteYourCareer 

Mets will play the rubber game tonight at 8pm. Yep, ESPN's got the game. LETS GO METS!!!

Mets Fantasy Cards passed 200,000 views last week. 
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Next up, a look at the 1986 reunion!

Photography by
John Munson, Andrew Mills, Tommy Gilligan, Geoff Burke, Elsa, Andy Marlin, Howard Simmons

"brush-forward" GIFcard 
.gif from harveydegrom via/ tumblr


  1. In 1994 there was a Monty Python's Flying Circus set that had an "Upper Class Twit" subset. I need to share that set someday soon...

  2. That (Thor getting tossed without reason) was quite possibly the stupidest thing I have ever seen in a ballgame. It was a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham. If Torre comes back with a fine or suspension then that will prove conclusively that he and the umps are corrupt and in collusion against the Mets. Utley breaks Tejada's leg and the umps are all like, "Hey, no big deal". Torre issues a suspension of two games which he quietly drops a few days later because, "Hey, who really cares." I kinda think Tejada cares, Joe. Torre, you were a complete putz as a Mets player, a complete putz as a Mets manager, and a complete putz in the MLB hierarchy whenever the Mets are involved. Let's never forget that he denied the Mets the opportunity to pay tribute to first responders on the tenth anniversary of 9/11. If it were me, I'd have had Utley tossed from the game for what he did to Tejada. And I don't mean that game, I mean THE game. That POS doesn't belong on a baseball field. Not ANY baseball field. For last night's escapades, that umpire should be tossed from THE game, too. Another putz who thinks its his job to make sure the Dodgers and Yankees always win and the Mets never do. I can't believe Torre's in the Hall and Pete Rose isn't. That seems upside down to me. Save a Twit card for Torre because, even if he wasn't the putz that he is, the umpires are going to expect him to back them up, just as he did when he dropped Utley's token suspension.

    1. I see I'm not the only one who's blood was up. You're the man, Stubby. Happy Memorial Day :)