Monday, May 9, 2016

mfc THIS WEEK IN METS BASEBALL/Mets move into first! & of course King Bart gets a record breaker!

Wow, what a week. It started sluggish, ended sluggo, and Colon slugged one in between, AND we moved into first place.

So we had "THE CATCH" and 
now we got "THE HOME RUN"! 
All part of The Legend Of Bartolo Colon.

It'll become known as The Shot Heard Round The Twitterverse. "The IMPOSSIBLE has HAPPENED!" I don't think I have to say anything. Just watch it a few more times.

I've heard Gary call many a magical Met moment but I had never heard him like this. I thought he was gonna bust a chord! And what a classic call. Hats off to Gary, the Master Of Metromonies. 
My nicknames never stick :(

No, I don't know what Metromonies means exactly, but it sounds right.

Compare that classic home run with other notable Colon at-bats. It's great to hear Kevin Burkhardt on this clip. Miss ya Kev!

That home run will be talked about and replayed forever. These are the moments that confirm why you and I are Mets fans. Because we have seen them do the impossible through the years. And not just doing the impossible, but doing it spectacularly. Mets memories are made of this.

Thank you Cubbies!
So the ever dangerous overbearing Cubs (ya know, the guys we swept in the NLCS) took on the Washington Nationals, chewed 'em up, and spit 'em out. Chicago swept the Nats in a three game series and as they were doing that, we were doing what were were doing, spectacularly. On May 8th, Mother's Day, 2016, the New York Metropolitans beat the San Diego Padres behind Matt Harvey and moved into first place.

Harvey started out the game great, striking out the side in the first and cruising through four frames. And then Matt looked like he hit that 5th inning wall and I was worried, but Terry Collins stuck with him, and this might have been the confidence builder that Harvey needed to once again don the cape and cowl. The Dark Knight recorded 10 strikeouts and allowed 2 earned runs.

Cespedes parked another (11) and Matt Harvey himself just missed one, blasting a fly to the base of the centerfield wall.

Bad news about Travis d'Arnaud (extended DL) but Plawecki has been hitting double after double and that Rivera guy has a cannon of an arm. I think we're going to be okay there.

And Antonio Bastardo earned his regular issue mfc card yesterday. Bastardo came into a bases loaded no out situation and bailed out the pen with a masterfully nail biting performance.

Great job Antonio!

Next up we will see Chase Utley and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Matz will take the opener. This should be an interesting series with all this retribution talk. As far as I'm concerned, it's over. Meh, if you wanna pluck Chase on the butt go right ahead.

Mets fans of the month card goes to the Zurn family. Jim is old school kool and he didn't try and hold Colons homer hostage. I hope he gets twice as much goodies as the people who do. Good show, Jimmy Zurn.


Staying there will be a lot to expect, but this might be a season of unexpected things. I do know already this has been a hell of a season, and it's only the beginning of May.


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