Sunday, June 26, 2016

Nimmo! Reyes! mfc SALUTES Jim Hickman!

                                                                 What a crazy couple of days. 
We stopped Atlanta from bleeding us alive. Did you see that play by Loney? And he's hitting too.

The Nats are hitting a big bump (7 game losing streak) and the Mets are right back in it. When they were six games back I was ready to throw in the towel. At least I was the day that Noah Syndergaard left with the sore elbow. I feared the worst. But things are starting to go our way again. Damn, I love baseball.

And not so shocking news: Conforto goes down. He was lost the last few. I was hoping they would let him work it out up here. I understand why he was sent down and I won't argue.
He'll fix his swing and his head and he'll be back, don't doubt it. Conforto's gonna be an all-star caliber player. The kid's hit a World Series home run for crying out loud! Of course he'll be back, and better.

I'm not making a card for him going down. I'm sure he would rather I make one for when he returns, and make it soon.

And Brandon Nimmo comes up! This is logical still I was caught by surprise. I hear so was Nimmo. Brandon, a former first-round draft pick of the Mets in 2011, was batting .328 with 16 doubles, seven triples, five home runs, 37 RBI. He's packing a .409 on-base percentage in 63 games for Las Vegas this year.

Best of luck Mr. Nimmo and welcome to the Mets. Here's your mfc rook.
Rated, no less.

And whats this other bit 'O news? Jose Reyes returns to New York!?
If Wright can return before the seasons over AND we make it to the big show again, this time with Wright & Reyes, for me this would be a dream come true. A storybook ending.

 It's not for me to forgive Reyes his past indiscretions. They are now a matter between he and his wife, who are still together and trying to work things out. I hope Jose find success here as his career winds down.

Don't get me wrong, Reyes is not replacing Cabrera at short. He's been far too valuable. Walker at second? Same deal. Third? He should be a better alternative then Flores, although I haven't seen enough of Matt Reynolds ( I will make a 1st MLB HR card for Matt soon).

 I picture Reyes off the bench, pinch hitting, pinch running, giving the IF guys a breather. But the way things are going this never know. A sudden injury could put Jose right in the thick of things.


We lost an original Metropolitan this past week. Jim Hickman, who played for the Mets from 1962 through the end of 1966. "Gentleman Jim" spent five seasons in New York, then went on to play for the Los Angeles Dodgers (1968), Chicago Cubs (1968-73) and St. Louis Cardinals (1974).

He was an All-Star in 1970 when he hit .312 with 32 home runs and 100 RBIs. This was the year I became aware of him because I saw the Mets play the Cubs a lot in those days. And of course Hickman drove in Pete Rose in the famous play at the plate to close the 1970 All-Star Game. Everybody remembers that one, where Rose steamrolled catcher Ray Fosse. The National League won that game 5-4 in 12innings.

After his playing career Jim was the Reds minor league hitting coordinator from 1987-2006. 
RIP Jim Hickman.


On a side note I have not been making cards or blogging lately. My PC croaked and I'm working on saving all my graphic work and transferring it to a new PC. There are other things going on in my personal life and I have not been able to make this a priority. 

I wanted to make a Familia RECORD BREAKER but those blank borders have yet to be transferred. I hope to be back on a regular basis real soon.

I have to get back. Too many things need cards this season. Oy!

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