Thursday, July 28, 2016

>>>Familia's Awesome Streak ends at 52!

All good things must come to an end. I want to cry, "WHY NOW?!", but I said I wouldn't complain, so I won't.

It was an extremely important game and a very painful loss. All losses are painful these days but this one...
Cespedes delivered and Familia gave up the goose. Baseball happens.

But the Yoenis bomb was so huge and uplifting, such a charge, I should have known we were due for a fall. I don't think I have ever felt more secure entering the 9th with a one run lead as I did last night. The Cespedes 3 run comeback kaBOOM was storybook stuff. I thought we had the game in the bag right there. Shame on me.

Let's jump past this horrendous happening, write it off. Lets look at Familia's fantastic feat of fifty-two finishes. This is a nice slice of Mets history right here folks. Soak it up.

Juerys streak started on July 30th 2015 (two more days it would have been a year!). His last blown save was that crazy double rain delayed Padres game at Citi, right before the Mets got on their horse and rode it to the post. For the most part Fammy's ride was kind of smooth, dominating, but there were some big bumps, some major dilemmas, some CRISIS!! situations, like last weeks bases loaded no out great escape. But he somehow got through all of his last 52 regular season save situations. Amazin'.
Familia's franchise-record saves streak was the third longest in major league history, behind Tom Gordon (54) and Eric Gagne (84). Fantastic achievement Mr. Familia! Go start another streak tomorrow!

Jeeze, it feels like only yesterday...


As far as our Mets go things are not so peachy keen as of late. New York's offense is a feast or a famine and lately we've been going hungry. Our enviable engine of starting pitching blew one rod and has stalled out off and on this past week. The Nationals now have a 5 game lead in the east.  I'm not even going to talk wild card yet but those who glance that way know what's going on there. Not good. We need a nice little winning streak to wash the taste of recent events out of our mouths. Say, 7, maybe 9 or 10 games. Come on. String a few together Mets. Stop being so difficult.

Yea, this was a tough loss, a kick in the gut, but let's look at the positive. Lets celebrate Familia.

"I've been in that situation before -- last year," Familia said. "I know tomorrow is a new day. We can do better. I can get another opportunity and do my job."


I don't think we have to worry about Conforto in center.


Special thanks to Charles O'Brien for contributing the FAMTASTIC! caption for Familia's Record Breaker card. His name is included on the card.

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