Tuesday, July 5, 2016

WILMAAAAaaa! 2016 mfcRecordBreaker-6 for 6! 2 HR! Plus: The Flores mfc Collection

Wilmer Flores had an amazin' game against the Cubs on Sunday.
He tied Edgardo Alfonzo's record of six hits in a game, both going 6 for 6. He put a cap on a four game sweep of the celebrated Chicago Cubs that could propel the Mets in the direction they need to be heading.

The fact that the record Flores matched was Fonzi's made it extra special. Edgardo was Wilmer's childhood hero. No idea how true that is but I've read it all over and I like the angle.

These Alfonzo cards are from 2002, my first crack at digital custom card making. That set commemorated the Mets 40th Anniversary. The card designs were a tribute the 1971 Topps and the 1972 Topps cards.

This set was pretty awful but I really thought it was the shit back then. The theme was similar to this blog. The set followed the Mets history from 1962 to 2002.

This Reyes Rookie is very rare. ;)

Will Wilmer still be playing third base when Jose Reyes comes up? I'm sure he wants to and he's showing it lately. May the best man win there. I've been a Reyes fan since the moment he came up the first time in 2003. But I won't take sides here. I'll be a simple observer.

Looking around I see that since I started this project in 2013 I have whipped up quite a few Wilmer cards. Have I made any Reyes cards besides his most recent AQUIRED card? I can't recall. What have you done for me lately Jose? *wink

I started making the Mets Season Sets in 2014.


Ha. Old news.^



 That's a lot of cards, more than I thought. Flores has been in the middle of many ups and many downs. He's paid his dues. Who are we better off with at third, Flores or Reyes? I thought Reyes was just going to fill in when needed and come off the bench.

On the bases and in the field I think Reyes gets the edge. At the plate I have no idea what Reyes will bring until he does what he does. Earlier the idea of platooning Flores and Loney at first base was interesting, but what Loney has given us overall shouldn't be underestimated. Bottomline: who will help us win more? I'll let those two battle it out if it comes down to that.

Having said that, I really feeling kinda giddy and looking forward to making Jose Reyes first regular issue in uniform mfc card. There's a Familia record breaker in the works but I don't want to jinx him by posting anything before his record streak of saves, this seasons and also the carry over from last, comes to a close. What a fantastic run we are witnessing! And of course this comeback yesterday against the Marlins. Down 6-0, New York pulled a comeback the likes we haven't seen in a very long time. More on that next post, because both the Cubs sweep ad this comeback deserve mfc highlight cards.

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend!
Lets keep this train a rollin'!
Lets Go Mets!!!!

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