Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Some record breakers, some mfc cards, an autograph facsimile card, an mfcNOW card, a Gary Cohen throwback card, and a '76mfc Benny Ayala. Have at it. And LETS GO METS! It's an uphill climb againts all odds but that's what we do best!

What can I say? 
The Mets are really knockin' that ball, hitting those home runs over the wall, just like in the song.

Robert Gsellman is a working class hero kinda pitcher. I like him.
That's his sister in his arm tatt. Very cool.

Photo by Sharon Chapman.
I like what I'm seeing with T.J.

I'll need some convincing to make a record breaker out of this spin business. It's very interesting stuff though. Statcasts has been tracking curve ball spin on pitches for about a year now. That pitch above to Cubbie Anthony Rizzo fooled Rizzo and d'Arnaud. The curve spun at a rate of  3,485 revolutions per minute. In a game vs. Miami last week a Seth Lugo curve had the highest spin rate ever recorded at 3, 498 RPMs. 

Cabrera's been a freakin' godsend. 

Familia is just the best Mets closer I have ever seen. That sinker of his
is wicked! Everyone's always talking about our young starting pitching, but how about this guy?
The best closer in the game right now.

Gary gets a throwback card, back to the days he had hair. ALOT of hair.

James was a total pro in his rookie broadcasting debut.

A 1976mfc Benny Ayala. And, as I always do if it's not done already, used team colors for the border.
'76 Topps is one of my favorite border designs of the 70's. The colors they used were just fine, but still I make the change. I've done this with other Topps border designs and this might be the only one where I prefer the original color scheme.



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