Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Last Weekend in Mets Fantasy Cards!

We're dropping the Keep That Train A Rollin' Mets choo choo from the border design. The train served us well but it's time to move on, as in movin' on up. We steamed past the Cardinals and the Giants and then stalled a bit. We rose to the #1 wild card spot but fell back with last nights dismal loss to Fkn Frdy Frmn.

 But the train got us where we needed to be. 
Goodbye MetsTrain-

 - hello mfc's newest border addition, the TCOB logo. I was very reticent in regard to using the phrase at all, even though this was made during spring training when the UNFINISHED BUSINESS logo was being put together. Too ballzy. And they won't look so good on the cards if we don't make it to post season. 

But there are a dozen games left in the 2016 season, and I have to say the Mets have been taking care of business! Still more unfinished business though. Quite a bit.

Bartolo Colon: Simply amazin'.

14 wins! Colon made his team-high 30th start and lowered his ERA to 3.14 against the Twins Friday night. He went seven, allowed no runs and only gave up 3 hits while striking out six. 
43 years old. Amazin'.

''If we wouldn't have had him in our rotation, I'm not sure where we would be right now,''
 ~Mets manager Terry Collins.

What a great game this was.

Home run number one.

What a clutch performance from the Grandyman. 

Home run number two.

The  image on the card above is a composite of 2 photographs.

I made the WALKOFF card right after the game as "in game-photos" started popping up on the internet. Both pictures above had elements I enjoyed and wanted to see on the card together, so I merged them. If I had waited until the following day I would have found some awesome shots that would have saved some photoshoppin', but since this one was completed I'll stick with it. 
But look at these great photos.


If Conforto can get hot and put up a fraction of the numbers that Bruce ain't, we might be able to limp over the finish line..

That must have been a painful hook for Ynoa.

OH! OH! A Rivera insert card!  
T.J.'s 2016 Sterling Mets Player Of The Year commemoration card.
Only fifty-four imagined!
Hey Mets, give this guy a real infielders number please.


Horrible, horrible news about deGrom. I wish him the best. I hope he has successful surgery and comes back even better. I have to admit, when I heard this news I thought, well, that's it, we can't do it without deGrom. But that Grandy walkoff really pumped me up.
Maybe we can...
And it's not going to come down to just another starter. The bullpen will have to be invincible.

A real bummer. I feel like it was just yesterday I was commemorating his first win of 2016.

Best laid plans........
And these are only three of the many. I could do a whole sub-set.

But, some good news


And Lagares as well.

Lags used to give us a few unbelievable catches every year.
So he's due to make a fantastic grab down the stretch.

Let Go Mets!
 Just keep winning!


May as well.^

Keep it up TJ!
Photography by

Adam Hunger, Bill Kostroun, John Minchillo


Thank you to Barry Federovitch for reminding me :)

You can read all about that magical game and more:
>The Most Important Season Series Of 1973.html

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