Friday, September 30, 2016

MFC thanks the Mets for this wild ride. MFC PP#6

I've used the phrase a number of times this year. Who hasn't? 2016 has been a roller-coaster of a season. 2015, as awesome as it ended up, has nothing on this, baby.

We were defending NL Champs. Now we fans had a new set of expectations. Sandy toiled during the off season to field a team that could do it again. He retained the services of Yoenis Cespedes and that would have been enough to pacify us fans, but he went beyond and secured other missing pieces that were truly needed to compete.

Then they played the games. Great expectations were dashed at every turn. Players went down like bowling pins.

Yet here we are. Three games to play and we sit atop the wildcard race.
Win or lose, advance or fold, I want to say right now that this has been a helluvA season. One for the ages. The amount of adversity that we faced in 2016 was mind boggling.
Yet here we are.
 Thank you New York Mets for somehow holding it together and making it so that every game in 2016 was a game that mattered.

Lets go Mets!!
Bring it home on the road!!!


I haven't been able to find out the name of the artist who did the original work (above) that I built around.Initially I was going to make the roller coaster with Mets players on it. But when I saw this excellent piece it hit me. It's us Mets fans who should be pictured riding the coaster. So I had the ride represent us, and I think that's more fitting at this point. 

I even did a version with little Mets players riding along with the crowd, but dropped that concept because this one should be all about us fans. The best baseball fans known to man and the universe.

Hold on tight. There's one more big hill to go.


I saw this photo and had to make a card from it. I'm a Trout fan. He grew up a few miles from where I live. The local newspaper has a small boxed section just for him that displays stats for that days game with a little blurb.
But it wasn't Trout that inspired me. Look at that kids face.


This photo begged for a 1970 Topps World Series card border so I gave it one.

Whenever I use the "___ Comes Alive!" caption (which I have done before and will again) I put Frampton in the crowd.



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