Friday, October 28, 2016

Game three Cubs Cards!

Eddie Vedder gets a card. A big Cubs fan, as a child he idolized 
Jose Cardenal. Jose played for the Mets a little bit during the 1979 and 1980 season.
He needs an mfc card so he get's two cards. 

Cardenal played for the Mets when I had my back turned on the team for trading Tom Seaver.
From mid 1977 to just about when Mookie came up in 1980 I protested the move by following the team from a distance. The fact that I had moved to South Jersey in the late 70's made it easier.
Making it to Shea became quite a hike.

Fergie Jenkins was so big for the Cubs that he pops right out of his '73 mfc card.

I'd like the series to go to the Cubs in seven. Whenever the Mets aren't in the Big Show I always hope the series will go seven games because I want as much baseball as possible before the seasons over. But if the Cubs wanna go ahead and take the next three game and celebrate  at Wrigley Field, I'll be okay with that. That would be nice. Go Cubs!


  1. Jose was a childhood favorite of mine as well. I remember meeting him at some bank opening as a kid. He autographed my little league glove. And I asked him about a factoid I found on the back of his 1970 card. (I was a baseball card geek at an early age, too)

    It said he tied the MLB record with 2 unassisted double plays in the outfield in 1968. I just couldn't wrap my head around how an outfielder got an unassisted DP. He explained that he made two "beautiful shoestring catches" (his words), the runner on second was too far gone so he simply ran in and stepped on the bag. TWICE. In one season.

    1. How about that.
      I love stories like this that connect us with the past, with our childhood, when it was a much simpler game. The game itself hasn't changed much, thank God, but everything around it has.

      This reminds me of when I met Buddy Harrelson out back of Shea by the team bus in 1970. Those memories become etched in your mind.

      I found a few Jose Cardenal photos that were good to use and selected the funny one. I have an alternate I won't be using if you're interested in making a Cardenal Card That Never Was(circa mid 70s). Just a straight up portrait, pretty good shot.