Saturday, October 22, 2016

mfc UPDATE!--71mfc ASG-.GIFcard! Rose takes out Fosse! Again!

I ran into this great .gif tonight of Pete Rose mowing down Ray Fosse. 
I must have seen it before but I don't recall. Right away I though ".GIFcard". And it worked out really well. Sometimes these .GIFcards can get complicated but this one went smoothly and was completed quickly. I already had the border from the card I made a few years ago and didn't even have to change it's size to accommodate the animation. I just had to make sure all the frames (32) lined up under the border properly. And they did. So this is an mfc Update card, I guess.

The Original
I've done up this game before (the still shot at the end of the .gif & above) and I have spoken before of how John Hogan's (Cards That Never Were) version inspired me to start making my Mets cards on-line. His card, one of the first custom cards I had ever seen, still trumps my two. Why? Same reason as before. Leo flapping his lips right there in plain view
The ultimate picture of the play.

John Hogan's (Cards That Never Were) classic.
I should do a whole card/write-up on this game. Do you know who that is on deck as Rose comes barreling in? The American League was leading 4-1 going into the bottom of the ninth. If it wasn't for this background figure the play at the plate might never have happened.  That's Giants catcher Dick Dietz (half his gear on) whose home run off Catfish Hunter leading off the 9th contributed to the tie that sent this one into extras. 

This was really a great All-Star game and much more happened than this climactic ending. It was a real seriously competitive game, like most were in those days, when all the players were playing for was their pride in themselves, their team, and in this great game.

Maybe I'll do up the whole contest someday. For now, lets get this new one up.

Pete's concern for Fosse is evident as Dick Dietz pulls him away from the downed backstop. Leo the Lip Durocher is older than old school. He was ancient school, and he thought Rose's barrel roll was the best thing since sliced bread. 

I am enjoying Pete in the post season side shows (which is just what they've become) during these 2016 games. They can be enjoyable. And yes Pete, A-Rod is pretty well off in the money department. We get it! lol.
Rose has been both entertaining and informative. And you always think the next thing he say's might be totally off the wall (although he seems way too wise to fall into too deep a trap) because he really does speak from the hip. I like that.

You're gonna get in someday Pete.


Rose/Fosse .GIF courtesy of USA Today via

More to come in regards to the spin-off World Series Fantasy Cards blog coming up next post.


  1. Once again, thanks for the shout out. Recovering from a total computer malfunction and just getting caught up now. Really appreciate the Cubs WS cards too. Hope it's Cubs in 7 as well. I was hoping for a win in 5 so they could celebrate in Wrigleyville, but that's not in the cards anymore.

    1. I also had a PC die out a while back and am still working on getting everything back together. Much of my saved card work/cutouts/borders/etc were on an external drive that I am having a problem accessing. So much of what I call my "card kit" is not available to me at this time.

      Yea, since it can't be Cubs in 5, Cubs in 7!!! I'm an N.L. guy all the way. One thing I REALLY don't want to see: Cleveland celebrating at Wrigley. Those fans have suffered enough.