Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sometimes it hurts.. make a card. But not this one. Okay, a lil' bit.
But we have to tip our caps to Madison Bumgarner. The 2016 Mets have become a footnote in his legendary post season run. I'm okay with that. It took something extraordinary to shut us down. 
And what he is doing in the post season has been that.

And Madison, in turn, becomes a footnote in our season, the last loop on this wacky ride. When we tell the story of the 2016 season, 
this is how it ends.

   A classic pitching duel between two of the best arms in the game. What a performance by Noah Syndergaard. This is the one part of the game that we could enjoy. 

I overdid the Thor card to balance out the fact I had to make a Bumgarner card. This one was fun to make. Yep, that's the way that works.

The Mets always give us something wonderful to go away with when they appear in the post season. I was hoping for more but this catch by Grandy was one of those things. I really didn't think he'd catch up to it. Sometimes you take a moment like this, hold it close, play it back, and it will sustain you until things once again thaw out and spring training begins.

And on some hidden level that may never come to the surface you had to enjoy seeing Bumgarner in the midst of a post season streak for the ages. It was good baseball. Real good.
The Mets offense was effectively held in check by Bumgarner's brilliance, and the San Francisco ace even used his glove to squelch a possible rally in the 8th.

This is the one that hurts. Conor Gillaspie. 
Who the fuck is Conor Gillaspie? Well, the little guy who stepped up with the big blast.
It's one of my favorite things that sometimes happens in the post season.
The little guy does something HUGE and becomes part of baseball lore.
And so Conor has, as reflected in this fake commemorative set.

If the Giants weren't playing the Mets I would have cheered on the little guy. But they were and this was such a debilitating blow. It really hurts when it happens to you. Giants fans know what I'm talking about.

That might be it for the Wildcard game. Looking over the game photos there's nothing left to touch on. Familia's failure? What failure? That wasn't a save situation. ;)

I will assemble all the WC cards next post and add a few new ones more to round it out.


Happy Birthday John Lennon. You are missed.

John headed up the mfc 1974 Mets opening day lineup page.


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