Monday, October 24, 2016

The BIG question. The thing that's on all our minds.

Everything revolves around if we retain Yoenis Cespedes.
At least in my mind.

Do I want him to stay a Met? Of course I do. Do I care about the money? No, more so the years. He's no spring chicken. Whatever the cost (within reason, which has very little to do with today's salaries), I feel he will be worth it.

I think we can safely say we know what we have in Cespy. Awesome feats of strength and flash as well as moments of  weak doltishness. I don't think he's ever seen a curve ball he didn't love. But he hits a lot of 'em. Some that you would think were unreachable. Some go very, very far.

He has lapses of judgement and laziness in the field and sometimes on the bases (usually the running to first base part, which many players don't seem to consider important these days). He picks and chooses his spots to go full steam, which I have no problem with. 

When he decides to give the game his all, which to be fair is a good 90+% of the time, he does amasticazeing things.

At the end of August I was starting to worry that the Mets were going to fall off. Their offense  went through one of those sluggish phases. And then Cespedes hit this walk-off and it totally revitalized my season from a fans standpoint. It renewed my confidence in the team. It may have had the same effect on the team itself, which was floundering. New York was 15-14 during the dog days. After the night Yoenis banged that sudden death bomb the Mets went 20-10 to close the season.

You could call this one above a lack of judgement but it showed me how he is willing to go beyond any and all expectations at times. Also that he's kinda insane and that doesn't hurt.

We need Cespedes.
If not him, someone like him in the thick of the line-up. There are other players out there who could possibly fill the void should he not re-up. But let's not even go there yet.

Yo's here and we know he can thrive under the hot lights of NYC. So Mr. Alderson, try your best to make the deal. Get it over with so we Mets fans can start thinking about other problems we can bug you about.
Right now we all wish for one thing...


(Disclaimer: I realize that some out there might not wish this but it sounds so much more dramatic that way.)


Oh, I almost forgot.
This goes out to Bam, Bill, & Bob.

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