Thursday, November 3, 2016

Congratulations Chicago Cubs and all Cubs fans who ever lived

Finally, the wait is over. 
And what a game seven! Maybe the best ever (non-Mets) game 7 that I've ever seen in my life.
The entire series was one for the ages and I want to thank both Chicago and Cleveland for making this such an exciting fall classic.

 I can't recall the last time I felt so into a non Mets World Series.
I always root for the National League team and I really wanted to see the Cubs drought come to an end. Get that over with. And I also wanted a seven game series so we get max baseball and everything just worked out beautifully.

I'm seriously thinking about doing this World Series up in a card set. It was just such a great one with all kinds of wacky stuff happening and drama out the ying yang. So many story lines.

If I do it will be over at World Series Fantasy Cards but if there's no interest I doubt I'll stay motivated. But we'll see as the game pics come in. This series certainly deserves to be commemorated.

Here's a collection of all the Cubs cards posted during the World Series.

Congratulations Cubs. But next year we go back to pwning you. ;)

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  1. Everyone who watched can tell that game 7 was one of the most nail-biting games in baseball in the recent years! Imagine getting back from a three game deficit!? Truly epic! These Trading cards are amazing and better hold on to them as monetary values for sports memorabilia like these can go up through the years