Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Game 7 Cubs Cards-GO CUBS!

This is Cap's real 1888 Goodwin Champs card. 
The card is so perfectly beautiful it needs no fantasy version.

Below is a mash of a number of old style baseball cards.
The large CUBS header was taken from an ancient Cubs scorecard cover.
The painting used is by Arthur K. Miller.

Hard hitting heavy drinking Hack Wilson only played for the Chicago for six seasons but he posted some of the most fantastic numbers of any Cub ever. During those six years he smacked 190 home runs and drove in 769 runs. He averaged .322, compiled a .412 OBP and a robust 1.002 OPS.

In 1930 Wilson launched 56 round trippers (a National League record that held for 68 years) and drove in 191 runs! Couple this with a .454 OBP and 1.177 OPS and you have one of the best seasons ever put together by a ballplayer.

His amazing RBI total that season has still not been surpassed. Only Lou Gehrig (184) and Hank Greenberg (183) have come close. Manny Ramirez, with 165 RBIs  in 1999, was the most recent player to make any kind of a run for the record.


I also have an '85 mfc Bob Newhart card in which he's holding the CUBS big win "W" flag.
I think to post that one before the game might be a jinx, so I'll keep that one up my sleeve for now.



  1. Love it. So many great players and too few cards from that era after tobacco cards and before Topps. This is a great design and a great way to showcase these players (Negro League too). I hope you continue.

    1. Thanks John. I wasn't considering making more oldies but I will if folks want to see 'em. If it wasn't for the Cubs scorecard cover with the funky CUBS font that card would never never been created. I was just looking for alternate ways to use the cutout(see Cubs scoreboard after they won).

      Hey, I found an awesome photo of Rose/Fosse from the '70 All Star Game that captures the same moment your card does, from a different angle (above). I'll have to colorize it for use & then I'll have a '70 ASG card that has Leo flappin his lips! I'll post it at Cardartistry.
      Hope all is good out your way :)