Wednesday, November 30, 2016

mfc 2017 BORDER DESIGN #1 & the Updated '17mfc CESPEDES card!

Using the 2017 Topps border as inspiration I have come up with this design for the 2017 mfc Mets Season Set cards. I can't say this is the final version. There's is plenty of time between now and the '17 season and I'm always messing with stuff. I'm not totally satisfied with it. But I've also been working on it off and on all day and I'm sick of looking at it. ;) Maybe if I step off a few days I'll view it differently. Any suggestions or criticism is welcome.

Photo by Steve Moore
 I do like this though. It contains elements of the Topps design, includes a border based on that design, and I unscrunched the best logo known to man and the universe, which was a priority. With this more horizontal/verticle layout (as opposed to the Topps slant) I can complete the font work much quicker. It also provides plenty of space for the player picture, always a concern for me.

Hearing Cespedes during the press conference this afternoon really pumped me up for 2017.

Cespedes: "..Godwilling, I will finish up my career with this team."
Alderson: " Godwilling and a no trade clause, by the way."



  1. I like this SO MUCH more than Topps' actual design. Keep it up!

    JT, The Writer's Journey

    1. Wow, thank you Jason. I'll proceed with a horizontal version.

  2. That's the way baseball cards ought to be. Beautiful photo. let us know if they are available ..