Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The waiting was, of course, the hardest part. But we didn't have to wait all that long. I figured this wouldn't be resolved until after the New Year, but here we are, not even December yet and we have the gift that hopefully keeps on giving, Yoenis Cespedes.

So now we can all relax and enjoy the upcoming holidays with talk of "will we get Yo back?" off the table. I didn't think we could get him to take four years (@$110 million). I figured five minimum. This is a great deal and fantastic news! Thank you for pulling this off Mr. Alderson! And thank you for deciding to stay, Mr. Cespedes! You have made all Mets fans very happy campers. 
Already the 2017 season is going well and it's not even 2017 yet. I like.

I didn't see the Topps 2017 baseball card design until I heard the news about Yo earlier today and decided I had to make a card to celebrate. Overall it's a great design. 
But I have my little idiosyncrasies. Once again, as in 2016, Topps messed with the best logo known to man and the universe. This time they scrunched it! AHHHH! 
Also, no defined border.

So more than likely the final MFC design for 2017 will add a border of some kind and I'll most certainly be unscrunching the logo to make it as Gotto intended, circular. 

There's an outside chance I might design a 2017 Season Set border from scratch. The angled font and logo were particularly painful to reproduce. Topps is getting difficult ;) .

The card above is just a quick mock up job to add to the celebration.  
When re-worked this card will be numero uno of the mfc2017 Mets Season Set!

Topps gets a free commercial. 
Coming in February :)


Photo of Yoenis Cespedes by Steve Moore

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