Friday, December 16, 2016

2017mfc Curtis Granderson 12-3

Curtis Granderson's 2017 mfc card has the sweetest spot possible for a baseball card autograph.

Curtis's card back is based on the 1971 Topps design. As with Donruss in the 1980's, at the time they were released the lack of annual career statistics was disappointing. But '71s jet black border and the debut of action shots pictured instead of traditional poses still makes this a favorite among card collectors. That's Tommie Agee's real '71 Topps card pictured. I love that card.

I thought it odd when I first saw the 1971 Topps card backs and noticed that instead of using the word "CAREER" for a players accumulated stats they went with the word "LIFE". On other mfc '71 card backs (for the 1971 opening day lineup) I changed this to read "career"(& yrs w/Mets), but here we'll go with "MET LIFE". Yes, the cards will only reflect the players time with the Metropolitans.


  1. Cool! I wish I could comment more, but I am impressed with your blog.

    1. Thank you Pamela. I added your blog to my list :)