Friday, December 9, 2016

2017mfc Horz Design • THOR #2-34

The horizontal design of the 2017 mfc cards will look like this.

#2-34 • Noah Syndergaard

I went with a 1983 Donruss card back design for Thor's card. It's funny, because I really hated the fact that Donruss showed only limited stats. I was not a fan of Donruss card backs, but now I find them fondly nostalgic. Since Noah's career is only a few years in, I was able to display his complete MLB stats. I'd like to thank Sharon Chapman, Batmagadanleadoff, & dKong76 of the CPF for their contributions to the career highlights section.

I'm very pleased with the response in regards to selling copies of these mfc cards. I'd like to thank those who Emailed me for information. Also I'd like to thank those who offered to help with the project.

Right up front let me say that I want these to be of excellent quality, and if I can't reach that goal I will pull the plug on this project. But I am determined to reach that goal and hopefully you Mets fans and card collectors will benefit. Here, in a nutshell, is what I hope to do.

My plan so far:

1) Sell individual "blank backed" player cards, limited, numbered and signed (unfortunately, only by me). They will be as cheap as I can possibly make them. I'm hoping a couple of bucks.

2) Sell individual player cards with both a front and a stat back. These will be limited and cost more. Probably twice as much as the blank backed due to the additional work and printing. 

3) Sell packs of five random 2017mfc cards (w/fronts & backs) which will include one "old style" insert card from 1962-1990 (cards that you can see here on the blog). This will be the most expensive way to get the cards, but will be cheaper than purchasing 5 mfc cards separately. This will be the only way to get your hands on the older style cards at this point in time.

4) The cards should be available around spring training, late February or early March.

LETS GO METS IN 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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