Monday, December 5, 2016

2017mfc•Cespedes-card back!

This is the back of Cespedes 2017 mfc card.
 I'm not sure if all the card backs will be based on the 84t design. I chose that here because it's one of my favorites. I might stick with it, might switch it up a bit. If I do go with more than one design from the past I imagine they'll all be pre-1990. They seem more baseball cardish to me.

So I guess there will be a card number followed by the players uniform number. I just make it up as I go along. Only Mets stats, to keep it as simple as possible (Wright & Reyes are gonna be a bitch though, lol). Also, only player cards will have facsimile backs, not season highlight cards. 

I'd like to make a limited amount of the 2017 Mets player cards (the set will consist of 55 cards) available for purchase to Mets fans and card collectors through this blog if there is enough interest.
You can contact me here, at, or on facebook.

LGM in 2017!!!

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