Thursday, January 19, 2017

mfc MH- Mets First Spring Training, 1962.

The latest mfc card is another Metropolitan History card. I do enjoy making these cards. The Mets first win of the 1962 season will be up next.


Currently colorizing this photo below to use on a card in the future. I think the rarity of the photo (and the great quality) was the main reason I chose to colorize it. The caption is pretty detailed with it's information: Hall of Fame inductee Red Faber gives pitching tips to members of the New York Mets during the 1964 Hall of Fame Weekend in Cooperstown.

That's a lot of info. It must have been the annual Hall Of Fame game in 1964. Can anyone name the players? I'm sure of all but two of them. If anyone has more knowledge pertaining to what's pictured please share. I have no idea other than the caption what to put on this card back, so if anyone wants to embellish writing one up for it, knock yourself out. I'll use it and credit you
And it's not do hard the writing (opposed to the layout). You just add those baseball cliche lines we grew up reading over and over

The 8-MH-4 card back pictured above was written by Robert Lipsyte, a former New York Times columnist who covered the Mets’ first spring training for the newspaper. He is the author of the memoir “An Accidental Sportswriter.

mfc8-MH-4 source photo for  colorization from Bettman/Corbis:

Uhh, lets go, Mets....


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