Wednesday, January 4, 2017

RIP Mr. Bob Lemke, the grandpa of custom card makers. :(

I really can't type anything now. I'm in shock. I just found out.

I couldn't put it any better than Night Owl anyway, so please follow the link below and read his beautiful tribute to the late Bob Lemke, grandpa of the custom card making community and master of the baseball card back.

A kindred spirit unmet-Night Owls Cards

I also would have loved to have met the man, shared a brew, talked baseball cards. Rest in peace Mr. Lemke. So much hobby knowledge in one man. You will be missed. We still have your fantastic blog though, and thank you for all you've shared over the years.

                                 A late addition from Jason Carter of  
                                                        The Writers Journey.

Goodbye, Bob Lemke

Some of Mr. Lemke's work:

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