Monday, January 16, 2017


Updated mfc Mets Scoreboard Card
(1984 border changed to 1980)
I want to thank John Leon, Andrew Padaetz, Steven Green, Charlene Juliano Worker, Dennis Raicacos, and Greg Prince (from Faith And Fear in Flushing) for commenting on facebook and making me aware that this mfc scoreboard card had the wrong years border attached to it. 

All my researched pointed to 1983 (84 border), but I must stand corrected because it turns out to be from 1980. Mr. Prince, the author of AMAZIN' AGAIN, suggested I use the 1980 Topps design, and I thank him. If anything I want these cards to be accurate.

This will be substituted for the error card on the mfc SCOREBOARD page.

Greg, if you're tuning in (and anyone else who might know) does that mean that this info on the Shea Stadium poster is incorrect?
Exactly what year did the BIG beer ad go up? I thought it was in 1983. I think those dates will have to be changed. The poster must be accurate.

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