Saturday, February 18, 2017

2017mfc- Some Current Players.

Lets get some cards for the current Mets squad out there.I love making the oldies but we have a season coming up and we have a team that any Mets fan has to be excited about. If we can stay healthy, always the big IF, we should be in the running. It would be nice to run away with it but one should never expect that. Anythings possible though. It's baseball!

So here's a few players on the 2017 Mets, and lets start getting excited, because before you know it baseball will be starting up again! Lets go Mets!


Will Steven Matz have a bounce back year? He only pitched in 22 games in 2016 and gave us around 132 innings. He did have some high points. He actually got one Rookie Of The Year vote, which I found surprising.

After compiling a 4-0 win-loss record, a 1.83 ERA, and 31 strikeouts in May, he was named the National League Rookie of the Month. But after that he fell off, not winning a game in all of June and July. And then came the news of the bone spur in his elbow. He put off surgery and did pitch well in August, however, picking up his 9th win (he went 9-8, ,340 ERA). But the Mets shelved him on August 22nd (DL) and on September 27, it was announced that Matz would undergo surgery for the bone spur, therefore ending his season.

We need the full Matz. I'd like 30 starts, 180 innings from this youngster in 2017. From all our starters, really. I won't get any more specific that because you don't reach  those numbers without doing well. Just get your work in and we should be fine. Mets pitching will have to step it up with Bartolo Colon and his massive inning eating stomach currently in Atlanta feeding itself. 
Now it's all up to our our talented young arms..
This is exciting.


Some players should always be pictured doing what they do best. Lagares tracking down a fly ball. Centerfield should be interesting in 2017. Especially since they have thrown Jose Reyes into the mix.

I have high hopes for Gsellman. This righty went 4-2 in 8 starts and compiled a nice 2.42 ERA.
He pitched in some pressure spots too, so I think this guy can handle pitching in New York.

 I'm going to over compensate for the Lucas Duda/ Eric Campbell Topps error. What a way to start the baseball card season. Ha!
Duda will get one mfc joke card and two regular issue in an effort to balance the scales due to Topps impropriety. The up side is we should see another Duda in this years Topps set (if it is corrected, and it should be this early in), hopefully with his actual photo on it.

Eric Campbell went the free agent route and in December 2016 he signed with the Hanshin Tigers of Nippon Professional Baseball's Central League. He played in 40 games for New York last season, so eventually he will get a '17mfc card.

Lucas is going to have a breakout year (I say this every year, lol). Well, that's if he plays. I hear talk of David Wright moving to first base. Where will that leave Duda? I don't ever want to see him playing the outfield again, that's for sure. I hope Wright is healthy enough to handle third base all season and the Dude gets every opportunity to excel at first base. I really don't expect to see Dom Smith up early unless something has gone wrong. I hope to see a little bit of Smith in September.


I've already displayed the 2017mfc Cespedes and his card back, but I don't think I showed them together, so here they are.

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