Wednesday, February 8, 2017

62mfc Special- The First KINER'S KORNER!

We have a winner!

Even though Ralph Kiner came aboard as a Mets broadcaster in the teams inaugural year of 1962, his post-game show known as "Kiner's Korner" didn't debut under that name until April 30th, 1963. The show's moniker came from the closed-in left field seats in Forbes Field where Kiner deposited many home runs during his Hall of Fame career as a Pirate slugger. So technically speaking this should not be in a 62t border. But I'm gonna let it slide.

Ralph did do pre-game and post-game interviews right from the start in 1962, and all indications say that this photo was taken in '62 at the Polo Grounds. Looks like Kiner pulled Roger Craig and Elio Chacon aside to a little corner of the field to interview them. So I'm sticking with it. That's the first Kiner's Korner!

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