Tuesday, February 14, 2017

mfc Metropolitan History Cards

2017 mfc Season Set versions of the most recent throwback cards.

No card back for Kiners Korner yet. Anyone want to submit the card back description/info on this one?  The photo doesn't  actual match the year & event of the first Kiners Korner, but, shhhh, lets not tell anyone. It's a great photo of Ralph in his rookie year as the voice of the Mets. I had to use that photo somehow. Too classic. Can anyone can give me some details about the very first Kiner's Korner on April 30th, 1963?

Card backs will remain in throwback fashion though I will whip up some original mfc cardback design for my more favorite players. And your's too, if you tell me who you want done up. I have no idea what they will look like yet (if I do them. I could also just go with the throwback card backs already completed).

These two were reworked with the new Metropolitan History logo. 
Some small changes have been made to the card backs. I tried to put a little more focus on Gils 370th  in the card front captions on this one, which is part one of  1 of the Mets First Grand Slam cards.
Rod Kanehl's Grand Slam pt.2 follows.

Honestly, did I cram too much text into this last one? Because its so small it doesn't give me that real "Topps feel". I was determined to get all those details in there because it was such an interesting game and I condensed the events as much as possible. But it's almost too small to read. Please let me know if it's eligible.

The actual printed card will be smaller in scale, so take that into consideration.
I could easily split these card back into two and there will be much more room for bigger font and what I feel would look more like a Topps cardback. I don't recall them ever really cramming stuff on the back like that. I could easily make card one of only Roger Craig pitching at the Polo Grounds (background on the on Kanehl card), one for Gil's last long ball, and one for the Kanehl. That would spread out those card backs.

What's that I see coming over the horizon????

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