Wednesday, March 1, 2017

67/2017mfc Bud Harrelson

I have so much to say about Bud Harrelson I won't even get started. I'll save that for a special page where I display all his cards. 

One of my top 5 favorite Mets, which isn't fair to say because I scrunch those top five into equal number one favorites. I've already said Tommie Agee was my #1 favorite Met. This is another #1 favorite Metropolitan.


Derrel's photo is another colorization job by Zvon.



  1. My all time favorite and he is such a really nice guy. Took his championship ring off and put it on my finger and wanted to take a photo with me!! Class act all the way!!!

    1. I've met Bud in person a couple of times and I totally agree. He was just so personable.
      Thanks for the comment :)

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