Monday, March 27, 2017

mfc72 IN ACTION & BPOTS cards: Curtis Granderson. RIP Dallas Green.

I always loved the '72 special cards. The entire set, really, but In Action cards just blew me away.

And the corresponding cardback puzzle piece for the In Action card:

Curtis's regular issue mfc card was released a few weeks ago but I may as well include it here as well. I like how Granderson is doing this spring. Looks like he still has plenty of gas left in his tank.


Dallas Green passed a way last week. He played for the Mets for a few months in 1966. He only played in 4 games and pitched a total of 5 innings. He gave up 2 HRs in those five frames to the tune of a 5.40 ERA.

Green had a career 20–22 win-loss record and 4.26 ERA in 185 total games, with 46 games started.

More well known for his days managing the Phils, Dallas managed the Mets from 1993 until 1996. I didn't think he was around that long. In those four seasons no Mets team broke the .500 mark. In total he was 229-283 as the manager of the Mets. Not such a great run, and I didn't really like his managing style at the time. But still, he was a decent manager. He even managed the Yankees for one season in 1989. I don't think I knew that. His MLB career totals as a manager was 454 wins and 478 loses.

RIP Mr. Green.


  1. If you're interested, there's a non-colorized image of Dallas Green, Mets pitcher, at OOTP. It's been kicking around for a few months.

    And I know this ain't the place to ask (if it were my blog, I'd delete it as "non-germane"), but you wouldn't happen to have an image of Bernie Smith in Mets or minor league Mets gear, would you? I'm lookin'. Bernie, you may know, toiled in the Mets system from 1962 to 1969, then was traded to the Pilots/Brewers where he finally saw a bit of major league action. Sure. Everybody knows that. But did you know how Bernie came to be a Mets farmhand? He hitchhiked from his home in Louisiana to the Mets minor league camp in Columbus, Georgia and asked for a tryout. The farm director didn't have the heart to tell him "no". He hit .301 for Auburn that year and was the hero of the championship series, hitting 4 home runs including a grand slam in the clinching game. In 1967, he was the Eastern League MVP, playing for Williamsport. It's a shame he never got so much as an invite to spring training with the Mets. Anyway, I'm on the hunt for a nice image of Bernie somewhere in the organization (B&W or color). Just sayin'. Otherwise, I'll have to create one. Thanks.

    1. Stubby, I'd never delete any of your contibutions here. Once again you bring priceless info. You make the internet worthwhile with all you do and share.

      I'm a pretty serious Mets fan but your Metropolitan knowledge is way beyond mine. I had never heard of Calvin Bernard Smith before. What an interesting story. I searched for photos of the guy, as I'm sure you have. There only seems to be the one color pic that you (and BobW) utilized. I did find him listed at the Ultimate Mets Database but no photo(

      I used your Bernie Smith/Mariners work to try and put him in a Mets uniform, circa 1962/63. I had to try. The backround is St. Petersburgh sping training camp from around the same time frame. The uni is from a photo of Bob Shaw. It fit nice right over his Seattle stuff. I hope this can be of use to you.

  2. Very nicely done! I found him in a '67 Williamsport team photo (at least he was in the front row) and spent yesterday trying to colorize him (haven't picked out a background for him, yet).
    OK. Not great.
    Bernie did have a few Brewers images in the Topps Vault, so I'll likely give that a shot as well. Since the BrewCrew weren't doing pinstripes at the time, I might try to give him a Williamsport road jersey (they looked like this: It'll be tough to top your efforts, though. Thanks.

    A bit more Bernie. He spent '63 at Raleigh and hated it. Segregation was still in full bloom and an African-American couldn't even have a beer with his teammates after the game. He split '64 between Williamsport and Auburn. Dropped off a bit with Williamsport, but hit ,391 with 12 home runs in his half season at Auburn, helping them to win their second league title in 3 years. And, boy, did they love Bernie in Auburn. Absolutely showered him with gifts. He could barely walk down the street without someone saying, "Here, have a TV" or whatever. He had to buy a station wagon to haul all of the gifts they'd given him.

    1. Stubby, you're the best! If I was rich I'd hire you to write for this blog.
      The image of Bernie from the team pic, that's a tough source image to work with. Considering that, the color work is excellent. Looking forward to seeing him in a Williamsport jersey :)