Monday, April 3, 2017

2017 Opening Day

The Mets shut out their opponent on Opening Day for the 8th time in franchise history. First time since 2012 (also vs Braves).

Add a win to that tally. 
Since 1970, 36-12 in Opening Day games.

From Edgy @the CPF:
Mets Managers' Opening Day Records
Casey Stengel: 0-4
Wes Westrum: 0-2
Salty Parker: 0-0
Gil Hodges: 2-2
Yogi Berra: 4-0
Roy McMillan: 0-0
Joe Frazier: 2-0
Joe Torre: 3-1
George Bamberger: 2-0
Frank Howard: 0-0
Davey Johnson: 4-3
Bud Harrelson: 1-0
Mike Cubbage: 0-0
Jeff Torborg: 1-1
Dallas Green: 1-2
Bobby Valentine: 4-2
Art Howe: 1-1
Willie Randolph: 3-1
Jerry Manuel: 1-1
Terry Collins: 5-2
A number of the photos used were taken by J. Conrad Williams Jr.
The Daily News back cover by Howard Simmons.

I'm always making fun of Flores and his feet/running, but he does seem to have the sliding part down.
From 2015:

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