Monday, March 27, 2017

2017mfc METS ROOKIES-Gsellman/Rosario - '72 Boyhood Rosario- Happy Birthday Harvey & Nimmo

The first 2017mfc double shot ROOKIE CARD will go to Robert Gsellman and Amed Rosario.

Happy Birthday to Matt Harvey!

And Happy Birthday to Brandon Nimmo too!

mfc72 IN ACTION & BPOTS cards: Curtis Granderson. RIP Dallas Green.

I always loved the '72 special cards. The entire set, really, but In Action cards just blew me away.

And the corresponding cardback puzzle piece for the In Action card:

Curtis's regular issue mfc card was released a few weeks ago but I may as well include it here as well. I like how Granderson is doing this spring. Looks like he still has plenty of gas left in his tank.


Dallas Green passed a way last week. He played for the Mets for a few months in 1966. He only played in 4 games and pitched a total of 5 innings. He gave up 2 HRs in those five frames to the tune of a 5.40 ERA.

Green had a career 20–22 win-loss record and 4.26 ERA in 185 total games, with 46 games started.

More well known for his days managing the Phils, Dallas managed the Mets from 1993 until 1996. I didn't think he was around that long. In those four seasons no Mets team broke the .500 mark. In total he was 229-283 as the manager of the Mets. Not such a great run, and I didn't really like his managing style at the time. But still, he was a decent manager. He even managed the Yankees for one season in 1989. I don't think I knew that. His MLB career totals as a manager was 454 wins and 478 loses.

RIP Mr. Green.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

mfc Mets Magical Moments- Mays Returns to NY!

All the photos of Mays in action used here depict his May 14th game winning homer. 
Both card photos were colorized for use here.

The IN ACTION cards will have puzzle pieces on their backs.
First puzzle will be Gil Hodges.

Willies '72mfc Traded Card from the '72 mfc page.


My thoughts and prayers are with Ed Kranepool at this time. As most of you have heard he needs a kidney transplant and is on a waiting list. He's had to sell his game memorabilia including his World Series rings to cover costs and that is a crying shame. I hope everything works out for Mr. Kranepool, an All-Time Metropolitan if there ever was one.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

67/2017mfc Bud Harrelson

I have so much to say about Bud Harrelson I won't even get started. I'll save that for a special page where I display all his cards. 

One of my top 5 favorite Mets, which isn't fair to say because I scrunch those top five into equal number one favorites. I've already said Tommie Agee was my #1 favorite Met. This is another #1 favorite Metropolitan.


Derrel's photo is another colorization job by Zvon.